Would you snitch on a drug provider?

would you snitch on a older man who was selling drugs?

WIthout scepticism. Source(s): Been there, seen it and dobbied contained by the drug-dealng scumbag. Yes

If you are concerned however about your own safety after said felon is accuse, there are ways and means of anonymising yourself when you inform the police or crimestoppers. He may not be arrested straightaway, and depending on the proof or the amount he is peddle it would be doubtful that he is remanded in custody prior to his hearing.

Although - you must product sure that you do not turn a blind eye to this. Dealing ends up with many overdoses and to brand money dealers resort to cutting the substances up near horrible dangerous substitutes without considering the consequences of their schedule on their consumers. Drugs are illegal for a reason. Dealers play on the certainty that unfortunates become addicted and will do anything and pay anything to get some. They also quality untouchable as there will always be a bazaar. That person is not doing a service, he is exploiting people contained by need, and putting their lives at risk. Source(s): work... yes, it seems to come home beside me! In a heartbeat. Peddling misery and possible death should have a few drawbacks, resembling someone dobbing them in to the boys in blue or better still the parents of the kids who's lives are artificial by parasites.
Of course he could be helping fund terrorism with that!

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