What will crop up to Irish Flotilla2 currently sailing to Gaza if they surrender for weapon check out?

can you tell what will happen to the Irish/Malaysian-owned vessel - MV Rachel Corrie currently sailing to Gaza presently if the activist surrender to Israel army for weapon search contained by israel port.
if they will comply to the demands of the israeli navy nothing will take place.
here's a survey about the flotilla, vote and share your opinion! http://sites.google.com/site/gazaflotilla10/
If they dont try to break the blockade and not listen to instructions to dock at the port of ashdod then zilch will happen
I read on the web that they are on course to Gaza and have refuse to pull over when asked to by a shadow ship owned by the Israelis. I read that they have refuse to go to the blockade to have their luggage inspected. And that they said if the Israelis board the ship they will sit down. Time will tell!
The Israelis will most probably tow the oxymoron peace-activist ship into port to be inspected if it accidentally gets a hole within it.
It is carrying 750 tonne of cargo. You can't tell me in attendance aren't weapons of mass destruction on a Hamas/Al Quaeda supported ship. Hamas are so ruthless there could even be a bomb planted on the ship. The ethnic group on that ship are just mules for Hamas.
It would lend a hand if they just come clean and surrender the consignment of ordnance to the Israelis.

Note that not a soul was injured, let alone kill, once they co-operated.
The activists and crew will be deported and the aid sold within Israeli flee markets. Some would say nil would happen, but thats a lie for countless relatives living in squalid conditions that could be helped, homeless, sick, crippled, children, elderly etc.
They will be escorted to the Port of Ashdod where on earth the aid will be checked, unloaded and then delivered. This happen every day with aid supplied to Gaza, to prevent terrorists getting supplies of guns and rockets.
The finishing flotilla was only boarded because they refuse to allow this to happen. It makes you wonder if they manifestly set out to either deliver weapons or knowingly provoke Israel to attack them. Whatever they set out to achieve many culture are dead, doesn't really seem worth it.
as usual the Israel will steal adjectives the aid to the black market or manipulate contained by their interest. the crew will be arrested, tortured same as mavi marmara....

israel is the pirates and terrorist. the world should punish this people before the hijack another ship.

i meditate the world should start block all the ship owned by Israel...or blow it down.....to ensure the aid relief sent down to gaza....

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