Under UK directive is nearby anyway to renounce your due liability if your council fail within their 'duties'?

My be some thing from the Highlands & Islands or common tenet?

Or may be human rights?
You mean refuse to rate tax until you're happy that the council have done what they take the money for? It's a good impression if that's what you mean. But as you know it's against the law even near good intentions as a protest to refuse to rate tax. If i'm pissed off beside the state of the street MR Angry fingers comes out and sends off seriously worded emails to the council with photographic proof. Next time usually the cleaners are out. I would fight ten men unarmed before i would thieve on the tax man. You have the rough human right to water food and shelter not tax nouns from the council for not keeping to their end of the deal. Then again if you be a one legged gay African drug lord or Al Queada suspect interned at Guantanamo you would get whatever you required.

Edit, NLV you're in the same boat as me and heaps other hundreds of thousands too. We aren't priority concerns or at least we weren't under Labour

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