A Civil Recovery Letter (vancouver, canada)?

I was caught shop lifting, no police involved. I shop lifted at H&M and I stole something between $50-$80. MY friend be stole soemthing $10-20. And She just got a memo from Civil Recovery telling her she needs to repay $500. and it said something of due date of june 29, 2010. Now, I know I will get the same entity 'I think' but the thing is I've been looking up what Civil Recovery is... On some sites I've be to


That one, says I don't need to salary unless they give me another letter recounting me to go to court to pay for it. Now can someone in truth explain what goes on if I don't pay it past the due date? .. And what happens after I get the dispatch? Is it basically Sueing me? How much would they sue me for?

I'm 15.
Basically, they want you to pay $500...you can earnings it...or they can sue you (but they can't really sue you because you're 15)...they can sue your parents...

I would ignore it at this point.

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