Should I hold to retribution full amount for a limo hire back the dark I requirement the limo?

I am hiring a limo for my sixth-form leavers "prom", the company has asked for a deposit, which I am fine giving in mortgage but they have asked for the full amount to be paid up to two weeks previously the date we have booked the limo for.

I was wondering if this is common for a company to ask this? I was under the impress that for a service you would pay a deposit and then on the hours of darkness you would pay the remaining balance? Like partially now half latter.

I would like some advice on what to do! Whether I should ask if I can payment on the night or have some sort of contract as I don't want to be screwed over.

Thanks profusely.
if thats their policy, then thats their policy, they dont want to be screwed over by a bunch of kids and not be paid once their services are done. which is totally intelligible seeing as how prom is a busy season for them. either you agree to their terms or you jump with a different company
For prom night completely normal. They are within high demand. Kids are not respectable for not paying or cancelling at the last minute.

If you do not resembling it negotiate something else or hire another company.
i'd offer half immediately half later. it's merely sound policy.

if they don't go for it, you can find another company that will. i cogitate they will go for it, as i'm sure they do not have more customers than they know what to do next to.
There are many services which you enjoy to pay in full prior to acceptance the full service.

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