Why do Ulster Protestants support Israel, and Ulster/Irish Republicans support Palestine?

What connection do English/Ulster Protestants have near Israel and Irish Republicans with Palestine?
Protestant politicians in Northern Ireland support Israel ( it give them an excuse to repeat their tired old mantra about standing up to terrorism, etc,etc ) and Nationalist politicians don't resembling what Israel does to Palestine.

Basically if the Protestants can't oppress in their own country anymore, afterwards they like to support someone who can oppress. Old Protestant dogmas die tricky in Northern Ireland. Nationalists and Nationalist politicians have other stood up against oppression as they were other the ones being opressed. Both sets of politicians in Northern Ireland are of a extraordinarily poor standard.

This site could also be called ' If Northern Irish Protestant Politicians Knew'.
Who says that they do? I'm pretty sure that at hand are protestants who support Israel, and others that support Palestine, and many more that support neither in believing that both are to blame for the current situation and both obligation to make changes if they want peace (the position of any non-biased person).
Protestants hold always traditionally been friends to the Jews, which is why America kisses their kosher asses so much.

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