What does cameron medium beside a 12 month freeze on al benefits?

Today he’s taken a step in the right direction in his interview next to the Sunday Times. “You have to address the massive welfare bills,” he says. We are told that stash will be found from welfare-to-work projects, and possibly a 12 month freeze on all benefits that would secure lb4.1bn. There’s also collaborate of implementing the Lib Dem pledge to restrict child tax credits to family on less than lb26,000 a year (although wouldn’t that mean tightening it away starting even lower down the income scale, ie on families on smaller number than average incomes?). We are told though that there won’t be means trialling of child benefit or winter fuel payments, a political taboo too far even for this lot apparently. “We have got to pocket people with us on this difficult crossing,” Mr Cameron says as he explains that the stuation he inherited is far worse than we imagined.

does that finances he will just stop everyones benefits?like housing benfit and council duty? where will millions live? not everyone is a sponge some people really have need of them

In "Laymans terms" benefits for the worse sour will be cut dramatically, while the rich will remain unaffected the poor are made to suffer. Source(s): http://www.gmb.org.uk/newsroom/latest_ne… He's paving the way for Tory rule here. No, he can't 'stop' benefits. He will revise them an beckon them something else. He said that he will cut middle income from tax credit etc which will mean a mother who is working for x income will find she can no longer afford to work - in need support she will be better off staying home.

Watch closely here - a sand storm being created to divert attention from some other bad move is also the Tory way.

There will be no pay rises etc (for us) It may nouns big for them not to take a pay rise but hey, if I earn 50k+ I wouldn't give a damn either.
Yes he will stop ALL benefits
wow thats really bad why is he cutting the those who need it to live.. ! JSA money is not money to mess around with.. lacking it people will die ! because it pays for the basic bills and food !! pocket out JSA your taking out families and there food.

later what do they have ? NOTHING it's not young peoples guiltiness there out of work !! its the bloody employers eexpecting any to much and paying to little.
no, it funds that the benefits will stop for certain people that enjoy an income of 26000 anually.
They are trying to cut costs wherever they can so if you have children afterwards you will be fine up until your youngest is 7, after then they will cut your costs so you will have to dance out and work if you do not have health reason why you cant!
It would be impossiable for them to stop all benefits as so many family would be on the streets, it goes against the uk's human rights guidlines
No, you can't just stop someone's benefits.
They will be individually assessed to see if they still need them or if they can work or not.
the big sound out that he has to address is the benefit system this is because its costing the taxpayer (the person who go to work) millions of pounds per year and they are really fed up with it. The rule get their money from the taxpayer so the taxpayer shoulod have some policital picture on the economy. Child tax credits ethnic group credits are all another names for income support benefits but they adjectives mean the same piece, if you are working low hours or low income we the taxpayer will give you money if you have more children we will tender you more money . benefits? what does that mean? it used to mean that you really needed minister to, today it means that if you are on benefits then you are better past its sell-by date then the working person because you will not enjoy to pay council tax you will grasp help with your housing benefit you will not hold to pay prescription charges you will not have to payment dental charges you will get extra heating alllowance , if you are over 60 and on benefits you will seize a 3000 pound grant towards your boiler renewal but if you are not on benefits its only 300 pounds i could budge on and on and on Source(s): worked all my adult natural life and payed into the system that now support the benefit system

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