Are we subjects, citizens or both?

I ask as we live in a monarchy. The head of state is her Majesty, the Queen.…
You are a subject.

You are also a citizen.

I am a citizen.

And an enjoyer of my 2nd Amendment RIGHTS and my allodial title RIGHTS

As a subject, you are allowed to have a title "Viscount Wogface" perhaps.

I can never enjoy a title in my own country, and only an honorary one surrounded by yours "Duke of Dolphin314etc" perhaps. Source(s): Magna Carta, and U.S. Constitution I choose to think I am a citizen............
so yeah we're her bithcs
Citizens, difference between subjects and citizens is the RIGHT of the associates to Bear Arms************************************… Slaves, agree near first answer too "Bitches"

Monarchy is no more than a tourist attraction, just like bums and layabouts a drain on resource's!
Thanks to God, I do not live contained by a monarchy... I prefer death over living in a monarchy...

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