Why do some ethnic group wallow in debating politics so much but next do zilch roughly speaking it?

I people who will debate debate and debate some more but when the opportunity to act comes, they only just go with the flow and status quo. For example, I know a woman who complains that women bring back paid up to 20 percent less than men doing like peas in a pod jobs. She now have a position in the company where she can convert this immediately, but she hasn't. I have masses examples but isn't talking about politics but not acting politically the equivalent of Wayne King?
I know exactly what you mean. When we were mortal forced to accept the EU treaty and refused a referendum I travelled adjectives the way from S.Wales to London with my son. Because of adjectives the anger from the public at being refused a referendum we thought the muster would be massive, after all, the corrupt and insane labour event were about to tender the country away to a huge criminal based unaccountable super power......But out of 60 million people, smaller quantity that two thousand of us actually made the effort to protest. The British are a servile acquiescent nation. Democracy is wasted on them I'm afraid. As the French say, If the British elected representatives ordered the British to eat their own sh*t, they would do it. They are like sheep contained by a pen, lots of noisy bleating, but not a lot of exploit.
That is what voting is for. People are basically too busy to investigate the candidates.
Because relatives, in general, are full of ****.
Some citizens replace sporting competitions with politics

And they spectate, they debate but they have no intention of participating

It's easy to prop up a block expounding what is wrong with other people, Nations, political party, religions, any fool can do it. Solutions need brains and action, here surrounded by the UK these have been negated by dumbing down the Nation and Government sponsored apathy, whinging and doing nil is our national sport.

Words are cheap.
plastic politics, plastic promises and plastic men and plastic cats and dogs,
its the society of complacency, we all do it but when the time comes, we cant be bothered.
Because Americans are fat and they are too slothful to get out there and run for politics.

Americans can solitary do 2 things

1) Go to work
2) go home, eat, and be in motion on their computers. Source(s): Im a Canadian, I live right next to Amerika Everyone loves to be heard.
It's easy to talk in the order of how unjust things are.

It's difficult go find off your butt and try to change things.

This is why empire talk and talk, but do nought.
"Man is a political animal" - Socrates and when the politics stop and the work starts we forget adjectives about what it was we be arguing about and instead concentrate on making profits.

The woman in request for information does not want to rock the boat and who can blame her. After all, there she is standing amidships holding on for dear vivacity. I do not blame her one little bit because the wrong word in the wrong ear could mean slipping silently and unnoticed overboard surrounded by the dead of night.

You know how it is.

It's a cut throat world out here and we must each defend our own position as best we may.

The worst piece ever is to be a whistle blower - I've read about such people, very well meaning no doubt, but contained by the end they become outcasts as were once the lepers of out-of-date.

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