Cannabis arrest baggage dismissed will I know how to gain a VWP ( visa waiver program ) ?

I was charged with cannabis possession contained by Australia but the case was dismissed as they couldn't prove it be cannabis or that it was mine. It was not mine and I did not even know it be in the car I be driving. Do I have to declare this? Will I be capable of use the Visa Waiver Program? Cheers
The question on the ESTA and the I-94W visa waiver form asks "Have you ever been arrested or convicted for an offense or crime involving moral turpitude or a contravention related to a controlled substance...?" You will have to answer Yes and it may be decline. Try registering at as you would have to in decree to use the VWP anyway and see what happens, though it will probably be declined and you will enjoy to apply fo a visa.
No conviction means you're innocent. Can't see any problems!

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