lb770bn national dept ?

who do we owe the money to, who loaned us it?or is it just print on paper ?
It is no good 'beating around the bush' Labour have made a hash of Britain's financial structure.
Gordon Brown should own known from past experiences of 'peaks and troughs' that sooner or latter there would be a downturn in the financial cycle and should have made ample provision for it.
Vince Cable was requirement him 6years ago about such happenings and what did the self styled economic guru do;Nothing.surely nothing.

We have have to listen to the rubbish from him about no more boom and busts.Everyone knows these monetary events for good and bad come contained by cycles. and now someone else has have to clear up his mess.

It is not acceptable to put all the blame on events contained by America.He should have heeded the various warnings given by various bankers and financiers.
Let us facade it.Gordon Brown was a walking economic disaster from the light of day he took office as Chancellor.
Government bonds etc.
Do they still hold "saving bonds" like when I be a kid there? stuff like that
There are two types of administration debt - internal debt where the government have borrowed from the people, and external debt, where it have borrowed from other countries/organisations like the World Bank. Often they borrow money by issuing gilts or bonds, where you flog the bond for, say, lb100 000, and promise to pay it stern in the future, thereby giving you lb100 000 to spend, which is owed to individuals both here and in a foreign country.

The government also borrows from the future, e.g. by using NI payments to fund interest payments, or to earnings for services. It then doesn't have to foot the money back until those people retire and the political affairs needs to fund their pensions.
We gave most of it to the bank and to clear up the mess they left, but as usual they're getting away with it again below this bank praising government. I don't use credit, so none of it is my imperfection. I don't see why I should have to pay for their incompetence.

It's not Labour's defect although they did borrow alot to save our butts by saving the financial system. If Dave Smooth-Spin have been in power he would hold let the banks move about to the wall by letting "nature take it's course" and most of us wouldn't hold any saving, jobs or ant sort of financial system anymore. Borrowing be levelling off at 36% of GDP. See knit below for the truth about debt. Source(s):… In this case private populace gamble with your money. If they win they filch the profit. If they lose you take the debt.....that's how wonderfull Britain works. New labours crooks rapture. lovely isn't it.
You own money to China, Japan the U.K a bit to most the EU countries.

Th rest of money is national contained by other words you own to medical agencies to construction agencies etc etc etc yes the debt is real money !

There is no such thing have "just print on paper"

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