Should bank or the poor of the world pay packet for the monetary slow down that bankers hold given us?

"Rich countries have backed out of plans that would enjoy forced bankers to pay towards the costs of the global financial crisis - and declared monetary war on ordinary nation instead."
The first link below goes into the story. The second looks at an alternative..……
I favor the Robin Hood due. It's a sensible alternative to simply breaking up the large banks. That could be done as powerfully, of course. They are too big to fail, too big to succeed, and too big to muddle through. So, that amounts to being too big. Breaking them up would be beneficial, into units that are not too big to fall through, not too big to succeed, and not too big to manage.

One need not be a Full Professor of Logic at a World Class University to see that the Robin Hood Tax is a sensible concept, assuming the money thus raise could be distributed in a non-harmful way.

If you've simply going to take 100 Billion pounds and use it to send supplies and materielle to Hamas surrounded by Gaza, then I don't see that as helping anybody. I see it as harmful to the world.

So, let's see a bit more substance to this proposal. We apprehend how the money will be raised. What we want to know is how balanced and what approach restrained witll the Committee be that spends out the money. Mr. X's idea of "worthy" is not the same as Mr. Y's belief of "worthy". One man's "worthy" might well be another man's anathema and destroyer of worlds.

We want to see the Committee. We want their names, and their address. We want to interview them. We want to know the length of their terms. We want to know how they will be replaced. Without that, this is a moment ago a proposal to raise a big bunch of money to do *good* (i.e. buy a pig in a poke).

You hold to let us know what constitutes doing *good*. How are you going to assure that the money is spent that way. What restrictions will you encroach to make sure that you don't do EVIL instead of *good*.

We can't trust manifestos, we can only trust empire. So put up a panel of people you think we might trust, agree to us have conversation with them (sort of similar to confirmation hearings for Elena Kagan).

If manifestos were plenty the USSR and Communist China and Cuba would always have be the most marvelous paradises, you see?

See also George Orwell "1984" and Animal Farm.

To repeat, I like the idea of the Robin Hood excise, but it needs a lot more contained by the way of substantive details before I could support it legislatively.

The concept is to do good and not evil. That seems straightforward, but it's not. Source(s): The Democratic Republic by Martin Diamond It really ought to be the Banks of course but what is not realised by many,..far too abundant these days, is that the Banks, in selective the Big Banking Cartels, actually control the Politics in most Western Nations, if all of them.

They have their "agents" as I enjoy come to call them, in adjectives of the Main Political Parties.
So no matter who you may choose to vote for these days, whether it be Labour, Conservative or Lib dem, or Republican or Democrat contained by the U.S. the self same "agenda" carries on regardless.

Witness the recent "climb down" by the new "coalition" surrounded by the U.K. on the NHS Database,... Both Conservative and Liberal Democrat election manifestos promised to scale backbone on "Labour's database state", while the parties' health spokesmen pledged before the poll that the centralising of NHS medical library would be halted.'

But hey,...what do you know,...they will now transport on exactly as if it was the same Party contained by charge as before,..
This is just one example, of which nearby are many indeed, that there is collusion across adjectives Parties on certain issues which further the goals of those who "control" adjectives Parties.

The same thing is happening contained by the United States with Obama.

Where is the "change"?

This is no conspiracy theory, is however a Conspiracy.
Seeing as how the Poor are blamed for everything, they'll probably shuffle the debt to them.
Oh yes. It's time to get organised. It's going to be a concrete fight to get these guys to reward up.

Larry the Liberal - where Gordon Brown is the fireman.
The poor, of course. The fundamental aim and purpose of the neo-liberalism we very soon all espouse (and whose acceptance is an utter condition of G-20 membership) is to make the rich richer and the poor poorer, and the present crisis is a great milestone on our present highway to mutually assured destruction.
By definition, the "poor" have little, or no, money. It's difficult to procure money from people without. I'm sure the IRS would confirm that.

Since our money is really simply a big shell game, we are going to continue to hold trouble with it, as it's very, outstandingly difficult to understand, and to trace sources of the causes of this mess.

Getting bankers to "pay" next to pretend paper money is a part of the shell team game. They borrow the money from the printers on interest that they receive from their debtors.

The first solution is to not allow any foreign investor to own any part of the United States.

Private property that can be transported can be sold to foreign investors but must be shipped out.

Real estate, including gold bullion, would not be sold to non-US citizens. This would cover adjectives US citizens throughout the world.

Since individuals don't possess gold anymore, most of it is not private property and is instead supposed to be locked away, under lock and knob of the United States, it should not be sold. It is now treated as an "asset" of the country as a whole.

This would contain the problem to in our borders, which would restore jurisdiction and hopefully the rule of law.

And the rule of law is something we can adjectives agree upon. Source(s): Uncommon sense. Why? The international bankers are already exploiting the poor--masses--to pay for the economic slow down cause by the big business blunders of big oil--the outrageous prices at the gas pumps worldwide since the so-called war on terrorism began beside a fraudulent purpose to remove weapons of mass destruction from Iraq... Do you recall the convenient involvement of the UN, UK, and US within that big business scam, too?

How can there be an economic slowdown when near is increasing demand that coincides with an increasing population?
Well, surrounded by our country, according to the Republicans and conservatives...the poor should be punished and made to pay for everything, everywhere.

It is part of their policy of saw NO.....they say NO to anything that benefits the middle or lower classes. Scary, isn't it?

All those good little conservatives who tune into FOX to draw from their marching/voting/thinking orders somewhat remind me of all those righteous little Russians who used to happily march sour to war to get shot and kill, or to starve at home on behalf of the Tsar and all his buddies.

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