New Labours ex cabinet member, how will they bring back job?

Without Gordon Brown it is unlikely that New Labour will find leader incompetent enough to avail yourself of Darling, Mandy, Straw, Mad Hattie and Milliband etc.

How will these people with a track text of failure get a opportunity?
I recon mandy will just shift on the corner with his crack whore and Pimping stick and make a living selling *** haha
I wasn't aware that they ever did own a job. They had positions next to staff, vast remuneration and offices, but I doubt that their plume bedded existence would actually count for honest employment.
What makes you think that they own to? On their past record you enjoy to consider the possibility that most of New Labour have embezzled stolen or re directed plenty public funds to retire on anyway. They were like vultures at a corpse
Their each day pension equivelant alone is many time the amount I hold to love on monthly.
Then there will be their back-hander funds, Swiss bank accounts, expenses jiggle money, investments returns, and no doubt the nepotism has created a nice little nest egg somewhere down the flash.

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