Am I making a mistake becoming a Police Officer at 18?

Hey guys
I know this kind of decision is for me and me individual to decide but some advice from populace with a lot of vivacity experience would help.

I'm currently an 18 year old Police Cadet base in Essex, (I work full time and am paid) and have already applied to be a Police Constable.
I hold my Assessment Centre this month and if I pass I will have a determined start date with Essex for either September/ November.
I not long turned 18 so this means I will have completed my 5 months training and be on shift at 18 still.
I will be one of the, but for the youngest PC in England. (along with the exceedingly few essex cadets who have passed also)

At this moment surrounded by time it is almost impossible for someone my age to become a Police Officer with the waiting list here averaging 1 1/2 to 2 years.
I enjoy an opportunity here to join a job thousands of individuals want to and have even been rejected from after ratification all stages as there are no places available.

Times are tough at the moment and becoming a PC is a resourcefully paid career, however carry a lot of responsibility.
My sgt and mentors in my station suggest I shouldn't be a PC this childish and should enjoy life for a couple of more years, and I am inclined to that notion too. I am torn between going for this position or choosing a different career.
Currently 4 out of 12 cadets enjoy already failed the A/C so I might not even make it. I don't even mind if I don't as I hold sixth form/ college lined up in september if I fall through.
There I will meet people my own age, soak up life without so much responsibility and do things every other young person should be doing.

The last 2 years in the Police enjoy had its ups and downs but in expressions of my age group I have missed out on making lots of new friends as the police is not the best environment to come upon 16-20 year olds.

My family is intent on me passing as they would be proud to phone up there son/ nephew a Police Constable, and I do think I would be a competent officer. I merely wish that I could have a guaranteed place at 25+.

Am I insensitive to question this oppurtunity I have be gifted with that thousands of others haven't have the chance to, or still waiting?

Thanks for any advice
Life is full of decision, some right some wrong. If you choose to be a police officer it may well be that certain citizens will shun you, but others wont, you will at least have a trusted opening with job ease and options.

It may lead to you self police officer till you retire, you might go out and catch a bullet daytime one..There is no right or wrong answer anyone can give you. Do what your head tell you, there are no guarantees on any paths of existence, helpless cases can even be saved just as fit people have foundered.

Personally , I would budge for the friends and normal life, see how it works out and next consider the police later. You are only babyish once and older than a teen for one hell of time...(all going well)

Good luck what ever you do..
GO for it. You have set your standards dignified. . Wish we had more young general public like you. Congrats on your decision.
You own the opportunity for a very good employment, a long career at the end of which you will receive one of the best pension available in the country.
Ultimately it's down to you, if you feel primed and they accept you then why not walk for it?

I know the police prefer applicants with more experience of life, but if you've get what they're looking for then do it. Source(s): You never regret the things you did as much as the things you didn't do Sounds like other to go for this. Nothing to stop you from doing other things later surrounded by your life. Meanwhile, sounds like you'll enjoy huge job security and govt payment and benefits are known to be stellar! Rise through the ranks and then run for MP on a "directive and order" theme.
I'd go for it. If you don't similar to it, then do something else! You are 18 . You have LOADS of time to experiment beside careers. Do it, and see if you like it. Save up and within a few years travel with the peace of mind you will always hold a job to go to....
Why does your Sgt and mentors muse you can't enjoy yourself if you become a Policeman? Being young and employed next to good pay and holiday bundle should mean you can have the time of your enthusiasm.

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