Why didn't the british read Obama's autobiography until that time blinding supporting him?

If you read his book, you would clearly see how much he loathes britain. Not a kind word in it for britain. He even go out of his way to bash it. "Britain...the country that killed my father...that brought over the slaves to market to the colonists...." pg. 125

"I had a chance to study within England but decided I'd rather take a good education...." pg. 39

hehehehe! Kind of funny though!!
the literacy rate in the UK is down to 40%
"Britain...the country that kill my father...that brought over the slaves to sell to the colonists...." pg. 125"

Yeah we brought the slaves over and America (free, independent america) bought them!


So he's admitting that he's a douche. Whats word?

FWIW any president who allows their personal prejudices to interfere with their work is deeply unprofessional and contained by the wrong job.

And didn't his deadbeat father skip out on him back to Africa? Poor piece, he obviously has daddy issues.

Anyway Britain can't be that doomed to failure, his stepmother lives here and claims welfare benefits, NHS treatment, she's been all over the UK communication talking about how great the NHS is and how proud she is that little Barack is trying to do impossible to tell apart in the states. We're obviously looking after her OK . . . I don`t know we should pack the old girl over the states and he can support her?
Wow, you reason their constitutions are so weak they cannot handle a few minor criticisms?
I don't really see what our opinions of him thing, he's not our leader.
Also, he should get over it. "The country that kill my father" I understand that he may be hurt but no, the country's citizens didn't all gang up on his dad and assassinate him; even if they did, that was years ago
also, if he never has studied surrounded by england, how does he know what the education is like? he can merely go on what others say but he may enjoy a completely different opinion if he studied it himself
The british are like sheep. The do and think resembling the Beeb tells them...
The Brits didn't elect the poser in chief...

A more relevant question is why the US lamestream medium FAILED to exercise ANY curiosity about his radical leftist milieu, OR his intelligence.... TWENTY years listening to Jeremiah Wright's racist Anti American ranting and he NEVER heard ANYthing???
I am British and I supported McCain.

The two minute condescending speech was adjectives I needed to know he was anti-British. It's nice to be right but, for Obama being a politician on the world stage it's impressively childish of him.
You be going to like republicans blindly support Israel?

The joke around the world is that Americans are flab, lazy and stupid. When our allies say that should America verbs it's support of them?
Brits can't read American.
I almost feel sorry for the brits, the world hate them so much now. And they don't have the stomach for it approaching the Americans. They need coddling, the brits.
The UK doesn't blindly support him, British troops were already contained by Iraq and Afghanistan, and the new Defence Secretary has said that he desires the troops out of both places faster, and that Britain is not a global policeman.

So it sounds like the UK is gearing up to give an account the US what it can do with the "special relationship".

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