Do the british dearth the stomach to switch the world's vitriol?

Americans have been dealing near the most rabid forms of anti-Americanism for decades. They make jokes roughly it and shrug it off. Britain seems to be contained by a tailspin over all the anti-British fervour within the world today. Why??
what vitriol?

anyway england gonna beat usa contained by world cup
They still think the sun never sits on the British Empire
The british be shrugging off the criticism of the world hundreds of years before the americans become a free nation.
What anti-British fervour?

I've not notice any.
Only in your mind, boy.
All out of Winston Churchills.
What are you talking in the order of? Some of you Americans get really fed up, when anybody make a comment even if it means just disagreeing next to someone who just happens to be American! Some of you even draw from on your high horse about Israel and prosecute anyone who disagrees as antisemitic!
It seems all right to do it to other countries, but not to the above two that I've a short time ago mentioned. I find it silly to criticise other countries and a tad school playgroundish. The odd jape and jibe is okay, but to start slating them for the hell of it is daft.
I didn't know that my country was getting any less or more criticism than it have been before. It is so small that I don't regard some people know of its existence and really care one method or the other.
PS the word some doesn't mean all.
What anti British fervour? A few Americans moaning about the grease spilled by an American drilling company? BP only own the rights to drill; what's been conveniently forgotten is they give the drilling contract to Transocean; a distinctly American company.

That's about all I've notice. Hardly anything to worry about.

Besides, you're making a fundamental mistake. The solitary time this country is really Britain is in wartime; the rest of the time we're Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish and English. Source(s): Scottish; the only place I'm British is on my passport. And that's individual because it's the only one I can get. How much is vitriol worth on the world souk?
Americans come from sturdy strong stock, people who dare to take a risk. British people sip tea and flay immigrants over their heads next to lead pipes.
Of course we do, sissy boy.
It's just the Murdoch type medium Barons who are hyping this stupid stuff. They're rarely owned by British people & so put out guidelines for content which puts us down.

Now please put a wherewithal B in British & get some Nuts.
British people vary. Personally, i can bar as much vitriol as any foreigners want to chuck at us just so long as they keep selling us their stuff and buying things from us. Also at hand isn't much anti-British fervour in the world, i doubt 99.99% of general public give a monkeys either bearing.
Go back to sleep or stick your head spinal column in the sand. We've been putting up near anti-British vitriol for hundreds of years before you and deservedly so. You b******s deserve it too.

Anti-British? From where and why? I haven't notice any. Source(s): American Americans dealing with vitriol? They're mere amateurs! The British once had an empire you know. That doesn't usually be paid for international popularity! We're long used to being hated by little countries similar to Australia or jealous rivals such as France.

As for the Americans making jokes roughly speaking it - no they don't! They get angry and say things approaching 'If it wasn't for America bailing your asses out you'd all be speaking German.' They rarely quip about it.
Americans have been dealing beside the most rabid forms of anti-Americanism for decades.

And that's only from Canadians
Are you an Idiot!? The British Empire didn't earn us any have a preference with the rest of the world. The British can take an insult and a trick at our expense, we commonly return with the same contained by kind, but compared with the USA we are piratically loved.

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