Good evening Brits. Could this be the satchel?

Its a small thing but I have noted within my travels to the U K many brit males drink with in attendance little finger projecting out from the cup While [whilst] Americans grip the cup most of the time never even holding the handle Now I know its a little item [pun intended] but what y'all think the reason for this is?
Sounds like you mainly visit southern middle class places. Yes it's rampant there. Something to do with snobbery. You're unlikely to see it within the North (especially Yorkshire). Britain arises out of a lot of different groups. The southerners were Saxons, the Northerners Scandinavian and the Welsh are completely different, individual Celts. The Scots have a very complex makeup that includes Celtic and Pictic. As a consequence, stained differences are still noticeable. But snobbery is at it's worst in the South where on earth it's widespread, and the little finger thing is a short time ago one of a whole bunch of things they do that are a joke to others (especially the Welsh).
Might be a small entity but its all about breeding, grab a cup like that you Americans will get your fingers adjectives.
dang ray ya just don't swot up do ya boy, still i know ya ain't all bad, i hear you never forget to return with ya sister a gift on mommas day nor your brother on daddy's year YEEEE HAAAW, ya should cut and run pardner ya ain't got the wit the humor or the intellect take on the brits ya hear, i must grant though ya sure do know about toilet paper, but next again ya would considering the average yank uses 3 times more toilet paper than the average brit FACT ya hear, that's what happen when ya gotta wipe both ends YEEEE HAAAAW
dang boy am i right in thinking Donnas american, seems to me shes made it pretty clear what she think of the brit male, i gotta skedaddle so say howdy to your boyfriend for me ya hear YEEE HAAAW
dang ray aint ya heard we's contained by a recession, aint seen a cucumber in 2 years be living on possum pie and grits ya hear, got us a new sheriff in a minute goes by the name of sheriff Cameron and a integral new bunch of deputy's, they rounded up brown and the rest of those pesky outlaws and run em outta town ya hear, word on the street is they got that no biddable horse rustling Blair in the jail house and we gonna hold us a hanging YEEEE HAAAW
The Brits don't hold any trouble getting a nice sexy lass to do the job for him.

American men are so dirt ugly and dumb, they hold to resort to doing the job themselves.

More cross dressers in the US than contained by the UK....FACT!



They said the Yanks were over sexed because so many women be being raped. For you to continue to use such a quote shows your plane of intellect and maturity Ray.


Whatever Ray. Dealing with simpletons is getting prehistoric.
Hi Ray,

I expect you may be getting a little confused with this 'little thing' bit don't you yank call us Brits 'Big Pricks?' but hang on a minuet I hold just had a thought wouldn't that trade name you Yanks Little pricks?

Yes it wouldddddddddddddddddd.

'Gert cher' (I bet you don't know what that means)



Hey Ray, are you on crack or something? I know you and and the cowboy are using cucumbers to relieve stress but have you forgotten that the Brits are supposed to be the big pricks. Only little pricks need cucumbers, so if your persistent about tying such an object to your inner leg rob your own excellent advice but make sure its not a bent cucumber otherwise you might train up with a sore ar$e.

ATB Red.

Edit Ray here

Hey, Ray, what dat u sayin aboot Brits and bog paper den dat aint tru dat crack is gone to your ead pronto, yu are sayin we adjectives be sh!t dumpers den, what u no den? I no datt yanks talk sh!t big time.

ATB Redt
That is easily explained why the English drink their cups of tea near a protrudig finger.

It prevents them stirring up their tea with the same finger as Americans do.
Is have the pinky fly AND not holding the handle acceptable Raymond? The difference between you and me is, I formulate this look good (thats right). As for the pun intended, dont be so purile. Theres no reliable data on national average **** size, so knock it offff.

Stiff pinky finger is possible indicator of syphilis but after Ive also heard this denounced as an urban myth, I dont have syphilis, may this shed desk light on your question.

P.S Did you give the cucumber warning to more people than just me?? or do you reflect that is me? Ive got more historic things to do bro. This work doesnt make reference to anything interesting im afraid, not your best works. You didn't once mention Airbus! Source(s): tomato.

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