What christian values be the US founded on?

The value of killing and stealing from Native Americans? The convenience of enslaving black people? The meaning of oppressing women?
Europeans were congested beside overpopulation. Im glad we decided to spread out in the Americas for one. About slavery resourcefully that was a tad bid too much.
Those are not Christian Values
You ask the question assuming our founding fathers be christian, a common misconception.
It's true the foundations of the U.S. were built on profoundly of bad actions, but I'm sure you won't deny that the court foundations of the U.S.A. are reflected in the King James bible, right?

Edit to tag on: Exodus 20:15 - "Thou shalt not steal"
Theft is a misdemeanor; grand theft is a felony. Exodus 20: 13 - "Thou shalt not kill" Murder and adjectives its derivatives (i.e. first degree, second degree, manslaughter) are adjectives crimes.
Because native americans and africans be thought of as heathens and did not understand or believe in christianity it made a casing for them to do what they wanted. Its not right but that's how it was pay for then and it was done contained by the name of christianity.

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