Why are the british so racist, chauvinistic and prone to furious outbursts?

The British?

I would call them some of the smallest xenophobic and racist people on the continent.

Talk to me after you've be to France, Italy, and Russia.
enjoy you ever eaten their food?
Bet you don't even know where on earth Britain is. Anyway, how's your Arizona KKK Chapter getting on?
They never used to be untill their country was over-run by foreigners.
Because we are you foreign muppet and if you have got anything to right to be heard about it i will smash your face within :-)

Only joking, couldn't resist. This question is of late as bad as the people you are complaining roughly. Not all British people are racist.
Hah - your name tells the legend.
The Brits mistake was to move left of center and consent to in all behaviour of other nationalities (in the name of diversity) who have no regard for becoming British subjects, but rather move contained by and impose their cultural habits on an already established nation. Big mistake Brits.
USA should give somebody a lift notice and learn something.
Well if you had to suffer the like of yourself on a day to day reason I think you'd be racist, xenophobic and prone to angry outbursts wouldn't you, I know I and millions of other people would, but thankfully I don't come into contact near the likes of yourself on a day to morning basis, thankfully.
that's a bit stereotypical, not all british are approaching that.
I do not believe they are. I am an American who has visited the UK on a few occasions. Any immigrant willing to assimilate to British culture is generosity. They are hard to push around though, and that is where on earth most immigrants go wrong.
Hahaha, we capture it from both ways from the trolls.

Some trolls say we're so mild and tolerant that we're becoming a Muslim country, others say we're racist. Make your mind up trolls!
I suspect if you know how some of the people they have welcome to their country act out you would be too!
Compared to. . . ?

Maybe Pakistan or India or Japan or the USA?

Perhaps you would care to give us your metrics for what appears to be a to some extent silly question?
I know that bear will often attack unprovoked because they suffer from severe tooth decay. Maybe that's what the brits suffer from too. ??
Most of us aren't. A few are and they tend to achieve a disproportionate amount of publicity.

What are you on about? Stop judging an entire nation of citizens on the basis of a few idiots and the rubbish that the media plants contained by your brain. Do you have one? Why not educate yourself a bit more? I've travelled to several countries and found you get good and impossible all over the world. I'm so glad that I don't hate an entire nation because of a few twerps. I anticipate, I've had some bad experiences in a foreign country, but it didn't mean that I held the whole country in charge!
Seriously, if a serial killer had a little one who'd never harmed anyone, would you blame the baby for their parents' mistakes? If you do, then those like you in the world are a verbs. Ignorance is terrible and there is NO excuse for it at any time!! When you revise to be at peace then come back to me!
Most cultures are xenophobic to one level or another.

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