Why must the cohesive states own irremediable basis within Iraq?

So American soldiers and contractors can bang the bottom out of Iraqi women approaching we did to Brit women following WWII.

To keep the puppet regimes in strip.
I do wish people approaching Spill who is clearly an ignoramus would keep their inane comments to themselves.
America is in Iraq for the long possession to control the oil that's all.
Because they made a commitment to maintain the stability of iraq.
Why do we have permanent basis in Germany this makes smaller amount sense since we haven't been at war within Europe in 70 years
Asset Control...
The same reason you don't paw your 13 yr old your car key.
If they just get up and left, then region would a moment ago eventually become a hotbed of different ethnic in-fighting. Whilst this would not be any concern to us, it could allow our enemies, e.g. Taliban, Al Queida, Iran, etc to influence opinion and covertly whip control.
With remaining in this region, such occurances would be noted early and deal with by the resident military, without a costly and the political lace minefield of another invasion to thwart such actions.
They aren't unchanging, those troops are slated to be withdrawn.
They mustn't. They should mind their own business. They have no right to be there within the first place.
To secure the oil

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