Would the canadian forces drill me a trade?

almost graduating and i have no adjectives lined up...i fucked around allot in arts school so im wondering in the canadian forces would teach me a trade?
Only if you sign up a role which requires you to learn a trade for military reasons. Engineering, construction, drug, technology, etc.

The infantry, and other combat roles, however, do NOT have a civilian equivilant so you would not learn a trade within these specialisations.

I'm not sure if the Canadian Forces offers things like bursaries and grant for you to go to a trade school or university resembling they do in the UK and USA (GI Bill), so when you finish your service, you have something to run back to if you take pre-eminence of the opportunity.
Yes, the Canadian forces have their own trade training facilities
Look at the Engineers, and RCEME Source(s): Worked beside a lot of ex Military Canadians

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