Why not print unsullied money to clear bad debts.?

Can someone explain why the gov cant just print loads of new money to reward off the nations' debts. Sorry for being sticky!!
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There would be so much money out there that you money would become worthless.

Also, near is mounting debt so they would have to keep printing money every year until at hand was so much money that a hamburger would cost 100 dollars because there would be billions and billions of dollars printed.

Anything just has value if at hand is little of it available.

Say you want some shoes, what will be cheaper the limited edition shoes that they only be paid 1000 pairs of, or the ones that they make millions of pairs of?

That is why they can't print money.

(a)CatCrazy- If your money is worthless what did you use to buy your clothes with? Or your computer? If they could print money to spawn everyone rich wouldn't they do it? They don't because they can't.

If money is worthless send me all of yours.
There are two ways of why the government print money 1-To replace the matured or damage money, for example, ripped bills, 2-Print money according our territorial gross product. For example, if the government print too much money, the money would hold less value (less adquisitive power) because anything that exist surrounded by abundance is cheap,like congruent the price of stones (abundant) and the price of gold
Non-abundant) What they shold do is to condone (forgive) the debt in a porcentage for adjectives the nations to make it payable and start a strange acount with the remain.This way we would be aggression poverty because government would have more money for projects than for paying debts.
Cuz it would cost 10 000.00 to buy a chocolate bar
Governments in all pole about 5 countries in the world do not control their money supply. Their money supply is controlled by the Rothschild inspired and controlled medium banking system. Any new money put into an cutback is done so as a loan to the government and attracts interest immediately. Countries using this system can never repay their debt. If you borrow a $ you must consequently repay a $ plus interest. You then have to borrow again to rate the interest and this debt in its turn also attracts interest.
Because it would be akin to doubling your speed on seeing you be low on petrol!
But money is worthless anyway Jon! I have a sneaking suspicion that the Gov SHOULD print loads of money and dish it out equally to everyone!
This was done by Germany surrounded by the 1920's In 1923, when Germany could no longer pay reparations, French and Belgium troops moved in to occupy the Ruhr, Germany's prevalent industrial area. Without this major source of income, the rule took to printing money which resulted in massive hyperinflation took hold. At its most severe, the monthly rate of inflation reached 3.25 billion percent, equivalent to prices doubling every 49 hours. The US Dollar to Mark conversion rate peaked at 80 billion.

Take a look at the photos (first two links) which shows German women feed stoves with currency notes, which burn longer than the amount of firewood they can buy. Inflation surrounded by Germany during the 1930s got so bad at one point that the cost of a loaf of bread required a controls barrow full of money to buy, it took millions of marks to buy a loaf of bread. The third picture shows children playing withe stacks of worthless bank follow-up

So all in adjectives not a good idea. Source(s): http://goldnews.bullionvault.com/files/I…
http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?a… That's what some ethnic group have done. Some are very apt at it and you have probably got some of their action in your pocket.
ever penny that is printed has to be back with gold , coins and rag money are only promissory notes that if you want to genuine thing in significance there must be enough gold ingots to back them
if it was to print more money the efficacy of the money would decrease until the point that it would be completely worthless and would be better off as toilet weekly

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