Who kill Cambodian nearly 3 million? And When this massacre ensue?

Who can know the history about this small country?.............
Who need lesson on English language? And when this inevitability to happen? Now!
Most were liquidated by US transmitter bombing and poisoning from sprays, and some by Pol Pot.
Pol Pot killed an estimated 1.7 to 2.5 million people which he attempted to "cleanse" the country during his time as captain of Cambodia. This was on 1976–1979.
a terrorist organisation run by a maniac named Pol Pot who wish to kill of all the intelligentsia contained by Cambodia , that included doctors teachers dentists ministers scientists anybody with an schooling . he wanted to return Cambodia back to the stone age and exceedingly nearly did .
The Khmer Rouge guerrilla movement in 1970 be small. Their leader, Pol Pot, had be educated in France and be an admirer of Maoist (Chinese) communism; he was also suspicious of Vietnam's relations beside Cambodia. The heavy American bombardment, and Lon Nol's collaboration with America, drove fresh recruits to the Khmer Rouge. So did Chinese backing and North Vietnamese training for them. By 1975 Pol Pot's force had grown to over 700,000 men. Lon Nol's army be kept busy trying to suppress not only Vietnamese communists on Cambodian territory but also Cambodia's own brand of communists, the Khmer Rouge.

In 1975 North Vietnamese forces seized South Vietnam's possessions, Saigon. In the same year Lon Nol was defeated by the Khmer Rouge. It's estimated that 156,000 died within the civil war - half of them civilians.
Under Pol Pot's regulation, and within days of overthrowing the government, the Khmer Rouge embark on an organised mission: they ruthlessly imposed an extremist programme to reconstruct Cambodia (now under its Khmer nickname Kampuchea) on the communist model of Mao's China. The population must, they believed, be made to work as labourers in one huge federation of collective farm. Anyone in opposition - and adjectives intellectuals and educated people be assumed to be - must be eliminated, together with adjectives un-communist aspects of traditional Cambodian society.

So, at short notice and under threat of loss, the inhabitants of towns and cities were forced to leave them. The not at your best, disabled, old and very immature were driven out as well, regardless of their physical condition: no-one be spared the exodus. People who refused to leave be killed; so were those who didn't bestow fast enough, and those who wouldn't fulfil orders.

All political and civil rights were abolish. Children were taken from their parents and placed in separate forced employment camps. Factories, schools and university were shut down; so were hospitals. Lawyers, doctors, teacher, engineers, scientists and professional people in any paddock (including the army) were murdered, together with their extended family. Religion was banned, adjectives leading Buddhist monks were kill and almost all temples destroyed. Music and radio sets be also banned. It was possible for family to be shot simply for knowing a foreign language, wearing glasses, laughing, or crying. One Khmer slogan run 'To spare you is no profit, to destroy you is no loss.'

People who escaped murder became unpaid labourer, working on minimum rations and for impossibly long hours. They slept and ate in uncomfortable communes manifestly chosen to be as far as possible from their old homes. Personal relationships were discouraged; so be expressions of affection. People soon became weak from overwork and starvation, and after that fell bad, for which there was no treatment except release.

Also targeted were minority groups, victims of the Khmer Rouge's racism. These included ethnic Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai, and also Cambodians with Chinese, Vietnamese or Thai ancestry. Half the Cham Muslim population be murdered, and 8,000 Christians.

The imposition of a murderous regime always leaves its leaders afraid: afraid of losing power, failing to prevent vengeance, and facing betrayal by ambitious rivals. The Khmer Rouge repeatedly interrogated their own member, imprisoning and executing them on the slightest suspicion of treachery or sabotage.

Civilian deaths surrounded by this period, from executions, disease, exhaustion and starvation, own been estimated at well over 2m. Source(s): http://www.ppu.org.uk/genocide/g_cambodi… The Khmer Rouge which be led by Pol Pot
It happened around after the Vietnam period of war
You know it surely.

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