British military cross-examine?

Back during the English civil war Oliver Cromwell and other parliamentarians put an order into Parliament for a 'new model army' which kitted out soldiers near uniform, armour, weapons, regular wages, food etc. And is often see as the starting point of the British army.

Do you think something similar should happen soon? I indicate in the next few years. There's zilch 'bad' about the kit our soldiers are using but I would similar to to see a lot of money spent on our army, navy andair forcee such as the construction of stealth bombers and the creation of more large tech destroyers and air craft carriers and greater production of the challenger 2 container and a new weapons and body armour systems for British soldiers.

Do you judge this would be a good idea? Or something that isn't really indispensable.
As zippy has pointed out a great idea but where on earth is the cash coming from?
EDIT: and Afghanistan is going to be sorted out any time soon? Even if it is you just requirement to look at the last decade to look at our deployments to realise that it's one thing after another. Ireland, Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan. What make you think that we will have the luxury of time for such a consolidation? Source(s): a serving soldier With the massive debt moved out by labour our army will be lucky if they get issued beside catapults in the subsequent twenty years . We are half a whisker from bankruptcy or haven't you notice . Well you will very soon now.
I would prefer it if we be Germany....!

What makes you think that it hasn't already started?
The body armour and helmet revisions are coming gummy and fast. My mate has given me his helmet that be issued to him last year. It is now TWO revisions out-of-date.
As for High-Tec Destroyers, what are the unknown Type 45's that are being built/coming into service?
Also, the armoured units returning to Hohne contained by Germany recently deployed to the ranges to familiarise themselves with their Challengers. Do you realise that for some troopers (who have been in the Regiment for 2 years) this be the FIRST time in a Challenger.
We now enjoy Gunners, Troopers, etc walking foot patrols in Afghanistan.
So would you propose to spend this money? The Challenger Tank is a white elephant at the moment, because the greatest focus of the British Forces is surrounded by Afghanistan and these vehicles are not used!!
We are spending money on what counts, the personal body armour is as virtuous (if not better than the Americans), and our armoured transport is the envy of the Americans.
What the guys NEED is running water in the remote FOBS and a foolproof route of detecting and defusing IED’s
Lastly we went into the Balkans (Bosnia/Croatia/etc) for what be going to be a short peacekeeping role. We stayed 10 YEARS. Why does anyone think that after nearly 8 years we are any further forwards to solving the problems in Afghanistan?
true the British army started out as a republican army..
Sounds OK in theory.

Unfortunately the administration hasn't got any money at the moment only a huge and escalating debt so it's not going to crop up.
We are already within the top 5 countries in the world when it comes to defence spending. We are struggling to argue this budget and with only 64 million society paying for it it's going to be difficult.

British National debt

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