Will New Labour struggle to find a tentative mastermind as righteous as Gordon Brown?

Compared with Gordon Brown, the contenders for the party supervision look a feeble lot!
Give it a year of this ConDumb government and relatives will realise what a good PM Brown was. As for them finding anyone as polite in future, I guess we won't know until whoever win takes up the mantle. At the end of the afternoon they all have more going for them than one in PR, which is Cameron's grounding. It seems pr is the surrounded by thing at present as another pr man Alexander has very soon replaced David Laws as chief secretary to the treasury. So let me see, who would I rather own, politicians with a wealth of education of politics and handling political situations? Or politicians who just spin a good strand?
Gordon Brown a Good Leader? He Lost and the Brits are sick of morons. Source(s): the Day where on earth David Cameron became Prime Minister/Labor lost a hundred seats within Parliament/the day where Conservatives gain ~200 They could always wait until the monkey house at london zoo re open......Isn't that where most of labours MPs come from in the first place......or did it just seem to be that way??
This is just another birthright of Blair's presidential style premiership. He was a control freak who wouldn't let potential contenders for his brief rise through the party naturally. As a result, the do is bereft of any real talent at the top. In any other circumstances your question might hold sounded ridiculous but in fact it's clearly valid - no matter how awful Gordon Brown was both as Chancellor and Prime Minister, the Labour group still doesn't have anyone else as good.
Gordon Brown was a dutiful leader, at least have not been PM just for POWER unlike the coalition who own managed to make complete fools out of adjectives those voters who voted for either TweedleCon's or Tweedledum's.

Labour will indeed find a new modernizer just as good as Gordon Brown as within are several new hopefuls one will be chosen as leader of the Labour Party near skills & abilities to deliver clear up the mess from the present Government by setting our country FREE from this unconstitutional coalition government.

Please do not JUDGE a book by its cover, adjectives the contenders have one thing within common and that is credibility.
No. They will vote in the Miliband Senior next to the banana as planned by Tone & Gordie.

They have already put up Miliband's brother and a token black woman to split the left and substance vote.

Miliband Junior will beat the lady, after stand down. The only other candidate is Balls.

It is a short time ago a case of divide and win. Typical Labour.

Sad really.
Sherlock, I am trying tough to take your question serious. I own some idea of your thoughts about the ex Labour governing body by reading some of your answers on politics.I am therefore assuming when you describe Brown as "good leader" you be wiping the tears away from your eyes.
This man, Gordon Brown, was a disaster for the toil party, which is now self confirmed by his "friends" who sat around the table with him during cabinet meeting.
In fact he was so popular, they are adjectives writing books on the "good times" they had beside him (lol)
You are quite right when you describe the contenders as a feeble lot, I would walk a stage further and describe them as running around like headless chicken. They are all pen up in a chicken run with no exit. Source(s): Edit
Thanks I quality better now Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ........... Seriously ?

I hope you end up near Diane Abbot at least that way you'll never go and get in power again .
It be called the "Labour" Party because it was intended to represent the working man (and woman).

None of the present candidates have ever have a "proper" (ie non-political) job. Labour has lost its route and become the route for middle class apparachnicks to get a well remunerated job bossing everybody about.

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