Last six months utter reduction shooting up will this stop in a minute condems are within power ?

We're screwed.

Totally, utterly and completely screwed.

Cameron - The snivelling little tosspot - is going to do exactly what Thatcher did. And he's got his arm shoved so far up Clegg's (a)rse that he will face no dislike from his puppet as he puts people on lower incomes out on the streets - Just as happen last time the tories had any right to be heard in the way things be run.

We can fully expect to see a return to underfunded schools, a shattered health system and general public going back to mugging little ol' ladies and robbing others blind in the hope of raise funds to make ends meet. Meanwhile, those already contained by higher income brackets will be laughing all the passageway to the banks.

The only virtuous thing that can come of this is a revival of unionism.

Dark days are coming.

All that said I, personally, will be fine. I enjoy no money worries or concerns. And perhaps vindictively I will find grim pleasure in seeing those who voted for Cameron pole-axed along near everybody else.

It is my sincerest wish that those who saw fit to reinvent the nazism that underpins tory mentality learn from the misery that lays ahead of this country underneath their misrule.
I would enunciate no going by what i see everyday, it's horrible knowing families are being evicted everyday and have their houses seized by banks. Labour or Tory/libdems. Same shi't different day.
I see alike old Labour apparatchiks singing the same song more or less how things were improving contained by the last few months of the late unlamented elected representatives.If you studied a little factual history you'd know equal people were claiming one and the same thing in 1979 when Maggie get elected. After another disastrous government left us mired contained by debt.
The economy is going to rest. Eventually.
But the recovery would be quicker and more robust if the government would carry out of the way and stop strangling business.
So the question is do we want a 6 month recession, or a 6 year one?
It's beginning to feel close to we're slipping and sliding into a hopeless cesspit of doom.

Already the hopeful optimism feeling of Gordon Brown's days ( UK economic growth 2.5% surrounded by February, 3.5% in March, unemployment rate falling, national debt falling, FTSE spinal column up to 5,800, cautious confirmation of the end of the recession ) are replaced by neverending repetitive doom-mongering verbalize of cuts and depression.

These Condems are dragging / talking the whole country down. (Growth down, FTSE down to 5000, job loss rising, lb6 billion cuts needed to pay for the extra million unemployed ). They hold to do this to rebalance the country in favour of the rich by stealing from the poor. I bet the suicide rate have shot up since they got into power on the votes of the ignorant. We're solitary a month in yet, conjecture what it'll be like in six months or a year ... on second thoughts, don't devise about that .. it's too depressing. I wouldn't want to be to blame for anyone's death.
I give attention to you will find the ConDems are making a HUGE mistake in the way the are intending to stir about where they will brand name the CUTS by NOT being upfront and telling us immediately.

Initially Cameron & Clegg want reassurance from the public prior to making the CUTS which in it's self is only a smoke blind as the ConDems already have their eyes set upon where best the CUTS will drop the hardest this year Public Services and Benefits also other Public related Services the following year the MOD will face around lb40.00 Million amount of CUTS.

And due to the amount of public unrest - on-going adjectives Strikes proposed by all the Unions all Government resources are going to be over stretched allowing our already fragile discount drop even further will result to the public demanding the Con & Dem's out of Power - so here Endeth the Coalition " Rest In Peace "
It depends what you be determined by improving.

Is the economy showing growth? - Yes
Is the reduction becoming more stable and broader based? - No

Growth in itself is not indicative of a strong discount if it is not growing in the right directions.
It is up compared to a year ago, but still 6% down from 2 years ago. While any growth is good news this have to be put in perspective.
We are teetering on the brink of a foremost financial catastrophe, with projections of financing the debt hitting lb70 billion per annum. This is more than we spend on background, transport and climate change combined. While some still believe the economics of madmen can continue, thank goodness the Government sees fit to address the problem.
Some people give the impression of being to think that borrowing money so that non jobs can be maintain is a sensible economic policy! It is utter madness, why not a short time ago take everybody of benefits stick them in an department, let them pass pieces of composition to each other for 37 hours a week, pay them lb300 and enthusiasm would be good. Is this really what they are advocating, psychosis absolute madness.
Brown and Darling enjoy consistently based their calculations on unrealistic growth and toll income. They haven't balanced the books contained by the last 8 years, does anyone honestly believe they could do it now?
Our discount with decent supervision will perform as well as the rest of the world, if the world falls vertebrae into recession so will we. This is the reason why Brown's prediction of no more boom and bust was so ridiculous.
I surmise we are heading back to recession within the subsequent few months.

1. Public spending cuts, will lead to higher severance, initially in the public sector as workers are not replaced following on to the private sector as companies that rely on public sector spending lose orders. This will front to less money in the discount creating less demand at our retail stores and factory.

2. Increase in VAT (which I am convinced will happen at the budget - the groundwork is self laid) will remove money out of the economy leading to a let-up in demand from consumers again primary to lowering of demand.

Hover did the same item in the US in the 1930's main to the great depression, unemployment up and massive reduction contained by output and GDP, Thatcher did it in 1979/1980 leading to recession and big unemployment.

The definition of a fool is to do the exact same thing over and over again and expect a different result - any Cameron is a fool or he knows exactly what he is doing - you decide

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