So how am I supposed to avoid human being homeless?

So I lose my job because of my health problems and I made a convenient scapegoat for the reports fiasco (long story!).

The landlady say that I have to leave because her insurance does not cover citizens on benefits.

I look through the papers and online and all I see is adverts that vote "no DSS".

I go to the council and they say that they hold no list of landlords who take DSS. I could progress on the waiting list for a council house but that could mean a dawdle of 2 years maybe!

Luckily I had a contact who be able to find me a place to stay. Luckily I had some credit cards!

If I did not hold any useful contacts to help me, how would I avoid person homeless? Would I have to find a place in a criminal world, druggie ghetto? What if there isn't a convenient ghetto that takes DSS?

Is this how ancestors become homeless?
you should hold move to an area that had homes for disabled.
Look into squatting co-ops.
Find your local DIY activists/anarchist library/free store and they may be able to help you find some shelter, food and clothes until something else comes through.
Think at best they shove you into a hostel or temporary bedsit - I think.

If what you say is true - fearsome.

Having said that they had a similar thing when B&Bs use to help yourself to in anyone on the dole then disqualified it because to quote the Sun 'newspaper' - "Costa Del Dole".

That went quiet - this will too
you should hold got a letter from your innkeeper stating why she was evicting you and on what date you would be made homeless.
You then pilfer this letter to the housing office and report them that you don't have anyone who can put you up for a few days so you are going to be on the streets.
Stay indoors.
Waiting document for a council house? try seven years. Don't use credit cards get rid of them, get your label down on the social for emergency housing. You may get a B&B/hostel, some of the trash i see get housing make me wonder what the hell i payed tax for 20 years. And if you can crucify (not literally) the landlord after do so with relish. Her insurance excuse is crap, banks don't contemplation who pays the mortgage as long as it's paid so her insurance company won't care if housing benefit pays for your residence. I rent privately and we have normal house insurance as tenant, the reason why the landlord requirements rid of you is because she can't put the rent up. Housing benefit will only go to a cetrain amount. Tell the social your a gay alcoholic drug user, points means prizes, (housing). People become homeless because the government doesnt invest surrounded by its own people
reaction to earth you didn't think you be in heaven but did you? theres only so many ways to rearrange your quality of life today given your position surrounded by the world already. Its a sad state of affairs all over and I hope you can lug certain risks that elevate you to a better lifestyle. But don't worry nil last forever and you will graduate your body sooner than later.
If she wants you to leave, next there is due process she has to follow, she can't Evict you on the grounds that her insurance won't cover her for DSS. That lately an excuse anyway, as long as you keep your rent being rewarded, and sort out your housing benefit, then she can't get you to make tracks. She wants you to leave because she can charge more for her property beside a worker. also, if you are spagging the house up all day, you are 6 times the wear and scratch on any fittings. Losing your job is not reason satisfactory for her to get grounds for possession. She would have to spend a large amount of money to get you out via the Courts, if you contest possession. IE, If she applies for possession to the Court, All she is hoping she'll have to do, is swing by and pick up the paperwork. However, if you turn up, and contest her possession, as the current tenant, the Court will not give up it to her, unless you have seriously broken your Tenancy agreement. (And whatever paperwork you signed, doesn't penny-pinching a thing in Court, here is a set of rights for Tenants that the Courts have to uphold). You could have signed a kidney over to the Old Bag, as a deposit, she can't own it. So just tell her that adjectives she has to do is sign the housing benefit form, and the money goes straight into her Bank. Otherwise, you will preserve it put aside for her. She will say all sorts of stuff specifically designed to get you out, you don't have to make tracks. I owe my Landlords over lb2000 in back rent. But they can't evict me, while I foot the rent. Every so often they try it on other grounds, but it all technique nothing. If you stand your ground, and do everything right, she needs an eviction consideration to get you out. That could end up costing her thousands, and she know it.
At the end of the day Bob, she want's you to move out, out of the honesty of your heart, just so that she can squeeze a few extra quid out of the next Bloke. It's not right enough. What, you go and sleep on a Park Bench, so she can hype your home, rent to someone else? Tell her your very sorry but you're not moving.
She'll then own to put up, or spend. And even if she does get an eviction notice, you'll own up to 3 months
notice. You don't have to step and be a tramp for her greediness.
But if the worst comes to the worst, (you're on the south coast?) head for Weymouth. Lots of places there that rent to DSS. Lots of Landlords in that realise there is more money in have rent coming in all year from them, than a short time ago a 3 month window from Holiday lets. And the beach are nice.

(7 year waiting list my ****, I got mine contained by 5 weeks. Housing associations are the only places that have be still building house for the last two years. Quite often near will be up to 12 Housing associations in one town, all near you as the target renter)
Phone up Dave Cameron at 10 Downing Street. It's in the heart of London. I've hear that he's got quite a few rooms free and he seem such a jolly nice chap. He should know how to help you out by renting you one of his many rooms. If he can't sort you out at 10 Downing Street, he should at lowest possible be able to give you a room within one of his other two properties.

Contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau. They should be able to advise you on what your rights are beside your landlord. I can't see what rights your landlords insurance has over housing canon or what difference it makes to her who pays her rent. Maybe she's on the fiddle herself and is claiming benefits while collecting your rent. Does she work? Try to find out. Contact Shelter, they are usually thoroughly helpful and offer angelic advice on all aspects of finding yourself a roof over your skipper. They should also be able to provide you with other organisations local to where on earth you live. You don't say where you are. If you're surrounded by London I could give you more specific advice on that.
You enjoy an azz don't you? Time to use what the good lord gave ya!
The feckers want you to be homeless. They set things up so its almost inevitable that you if you're in this situation...unless as you said you own some options.

They're aiming at creating a peasant provide a pool of slave labor.

I'm serious.
Yes thats exactly what happen. there are no council houses left any (Thatcher sold them all) and housing association housing comes with 7 year + waiting lists. If you can't afford a bond and rent within advance to rent privately, you are stuck. Most private landlords won't accept culture on Housing Benefit. The Government are totally clueless about how the system works.
Buy a tent.

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