What is wrong next to american women y'all?

took my boy hunting for the first time even bought him a CZ 550 after he got his first dear i cut its heart out and made him eat it similar to you do, the damn little weasel went crying to his momma, damn women went crazy on my (a)ss, dang y'all
Dear Ray, I preference to inform you that we have a vacancy surrounded by our mental institution which I hope you will take up.
Typical Brit trying to raise out of his inferior position surrounded by life and take on the persona of a manly However you do worry me with your final comment ''damn women went crazy on my as#'' how did you know about that? Did she describe you? How unkind I did tell that women no tongue,but would she listen NO
Y'all take safekeeping of yourself which I hear your brits are most adept at doing be sure and lock the bathroom door cowboy

Display your questions so I can join surrounded by, you are fun as you make a complete fool of yourself
ohhh kaayy!
Well Ray may be it's because of condition & safety?

Eating uncooked offal can enjoy consequences as you found out.

Edit my friend used a CZ on his 1st and only deer kill but that be an accident.

Poor 'dear' didn't stand a chance!

Typical republican. Hillbillie Teabagger.

Oh dear! Y'all.

You MUST be English. You can punctuate!
OK!! What the hell is wrong beside you? Where ever your from your should go back! If that be my kid I would rip your heart out and make you eat it.
Here come the police~
You are a joggle. You're very insensitive to your son's feelings and fears.
If you are an American, I am Little Lord Fauntleroy.

I say feeble chap, y'all.

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