What of Downing Street Vandal Unmasked?


Alledgedly, we all knew, allegedly, he allegedly, alledgedly, be allegedly deranged, allegedly, (or allegedly demented, allegedly, which is better allegedly deranged, allegedly, or allegedly demented, allegedly?) but allegedly now we allegedly have alleged proof, allegedly, allegedly! - you purely can't say it without allegedly or alleged!
People who do this sort of mess up are usually deranged, this may be temporary or the start of something more permanent. I facts that he has missed the State opening of Parliament and wonder if he have attended any other session since May 7th.
Perhaps he is still sulking away in some hide out contained by Scotland.
I'm a strong supporter of the Union of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales but I'm saddened by the large influence of the 59 Scottish MPs some of whom represent very low population numbers.

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