Will my mom still be capable of inherit below her father's will?

My grandfather died a year ago today. He left his estate to my step-grandmother (his wife). After she passes it states surrounded by his will that my uncle and my mother (their children) are the personal representatives and each receive half of the estate. My sound out is that since my grandmother has survived my grandfather, can she change the will contained by any way? My uncle has said that he is going to filch care of the house, but it says that my mother is entitled to partly. There has been some rivalry here next to my mother and her step-mother, so my mother is worried that my step-grandma can make changes so that everything go to my uncle.

It's not that my mother is greedy, but it is the principal of it. My mother and grandfather were extremely close, and my step-grandma and uncle would do anything to see my mom unhappy.

I'm in recent times looking for serious answers, nothing negative. Thank you.
I am reading between the lines here so most of this is a guess. I suspect your grandfather put his assets contained by a family trust and that gives your step-grandmother the use of his unyielding assets for life. This would not give her the right to loose change the designations your grandfather made. At her death they will go to "residual legatees" goal your mother and uncle.

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