Who reduced the deficit contained by the belatedly 90s Clinton or the Republicans contained by the congress?

Arguments please
Since the president gets blamed for everything why not blame Clinton for that too?
Both, Republican led legislation was signed into ruling by President Clinton.
According to many economists, the US economy is slow to respond to legislation enact by the federal government. The average response time for the US economy is right around a decade. Some right to be heard 8-10 years, some say 10-12, others give a more standard range of 10-15 years. So, if you take the median timespan, which is 10 years, you can trace any financial activity back to who is responsible. So far throughout the final 50+ years of US history, you can see the results. Clinton left office on 1/20/2001, started his possession on 1/20/1993, and during those 8 years, he did nothing to help the reduction, and made decisions to bail out Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac, lenders who made a habit of poor lend practices, and allowed subprime lending to boom. Fast forward 10 years, and you end up beside? Unemployment over 10%, stock market tanking, records set monthly (just about) for home foreclosures. Now on the positive side. Look at when the cutback was booming in the mid to unpunctually 90s. Trace that back 10 years, and who was within office? Ronnie Reagan. He enacted fiscal policies that he announced would not enjoy any immediate effects, but rather would rouse future economic growth and increased prosperity. This, is exactly what happen, and it was just as he promised. As for the deficit, roughly speaking, conservatives tend to reduce government spending, which typically allows them to drain the debt, while liberal democrats tend to spend more on government programs, which requires higher taxes or more debt. In an hard work to keep their position of power, they don't raise taxes, so it inevitably go to debt. Likewise, as far as the nations economy and debt are concerned, the Congress is who sets the federal budget, not the president, and thus they are the simply ones who can be congratulated or blamed for the country's financial situation. Taking a look at the current situation, with both a democrat president and democrat dominated Congress, it is painfully deliberate why they have increased the deficit by more in 16 months than George W. Bush did contained by 8 years.
The Tech industry actually.
Both, working together.
Congress controls budgets.
Clinton wanted Universal Health Care, and a slew of other spending programs.
The republicans stopped the spending, and Clinton was forced to step along because the people backed the GOP.

I completely supply credit to Clinton for signing the bills presented to him by the Republicans.

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