I suffered beside depression, can I still bond the British Army?

I suffered with depression from October 2008 due to a bad break up next to my ex and her stopping me from seeing my daughter, I was on anti depressants for a while and there be one time when i tried to take my life by taking an overdose of sleeping tablets

I get myself back into work and have be working now full time for the past 15 months and beside no medication and no more trips to the doctor.

Ive always wanted to amalgamate the Army and build a good career i'm 24 soon as powerfully so this could be the last chance of achieve something in life, although i'm really worried that this previous depression will stop me from joining up.

I've get the medical forms from the AFCO office and i've arranged an appointment with the doctor for the terminate of the week, the appointment i have got is where on earth i can sit with the doctor and go through the forms next to him, I have got a close relationship beside my doctor and can discuss anything with him - I'm sure he will write me a statement confirming i'm over the depression and that i'd be a good competitor for the Army.

I just need some assistance, maybe see what other people hold been through or what others have experienced during their application.
All that matter NOW is that you're mentally fit NOW, and there's very little (or no) chance you'll relapse. The modern British Army is slightly open minded to things like this. Just be honest. Don't slouch about anything.

The British Army is more open minded to this situation than the U.S. Army is. You'd be medically disqualified from joining a US service surrounded by a heartbeat.
You're a glutton for punishment aren't you?

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