Parking Ticket ...Is it worth me appealing?!!?

Went shopping this afternoon,parked in a pay and display carpark.Paid for a ticket for 2 hours.It be throwing it down and with rushing trying to get my newborn in pram and rain cover on etc,I lately put the ticket in the middle of my car and departed.Came back to find that one of those awful beings had be on the prowl and had given me a parking ticket.Totally gutted when I know had salaried.I still have the ticket.Do I stand a chance if I appeal??
You bought the ticket, so you have a case.

Not much coincidence of winnning an appeal, after all they are after your money!
Two main points for you to consider.

1) If it be a council ticket then you can appeal it by sending them a copy of the ticket that youd paid for, explaining that it must hold fallen from the window. You enjoy paid to park and they cant prove that it fell off. I hold done this and the fine was revoked.

2) If the car park is patrol by a private firm and not owned by the council then just rebuff it completely. A private firm will send you a letter asking for expense at some point. All you have to do then is distribute them a letter back motto, yes it was your car but you do not know who be driving it at the time. As it is private land, section 172 of the Road Traffic Act does not apply (which make you say who was driving the sports car at the time!) which means they can never prove who parked the car at hand and therefore cant get the money from you.

Good luck Source(s): tried and tested on both examples! Were you still inside your time limit? When you say "within middle of car" what do you mean? I will take it as it should own been on the dash or stuck on the fanlight, but you left it between the front seats or similar. If so, you could other argue that you had the baby contained by your arms and all your belongings in the rainfall, you closed the car door and the ticket "wafted" off the dash/windscreen onto the form. It happens. If this is the case of what you niggardly by "middle of the car" then appeal against the ticket. I know they say you hold to leave your paid ticket within view for the traffic moron, but it could have blown past its sell-by date when closing the car door. Good luck - hope it works.
Was the ticket visible? i.e. if the lousy steward had looked through the drivers window, could he hold seen it??

Our private car park at work is constantly used by those going shopping - most annoying as then we have to juggle and shift cars around, then THOSE people moan when they get hold of blocked in!! But you parked legally and salaried - gotta be worth a try!
What's to lose? Have a turn. Send them the ticket as it will have the time on it that it was purchased and presumably it will still enjoy its backing paper attached so it will be noticeable that it wasn't stuck on somebody else's car. I have appealed 2 parking tickets surrounded by my time, and won both. Once was when I parked in a 'permit only' nouns in Cheltenham, as a tourist. The sign saying it be permits only be at the end of the street, nowhere near my vehicle. I complained that as a tourist I couldn't possibly have known that. They agree to me off!
The second time was outside the doctor's. I dashed within with my poorly 3 year old and didn't make a contribution a damn about the double yellow lines. I explained the situation and told them the doctor could verify my story. They consent to me off again!
The Powers that Be aren't all that doomed to failure! If you explain your genuine error and submit the ticket, you may be lucky. Best of luck!
I don't know - you got the ticket but didn't put it where they could see?

Read the ticket. It's a contract. The contract say it must be visible or you will be cited. It wasnt' visible. Whatever you be doing with your baby is extraneous. You were in the wrong.

Pay it and be done but you enjoy no case to fight.

Hope this help.

PS - the idiots telling you "you will be pardoned" are passing past its sell-by date bad guesses as answers. They are wrong.
If you go to court and show them that you had a bill for the time you got ticketed, you will CERTAINLY be granted pardon. Just don't step in there adjectives mad and aggravated. Just go and be restful and they will surely drop the ticket. Good luck.
photocopy the ticket and the penalty charge and dispatch it in explaining that you had displayed it and it must hold fallen off the glass. Most of the cases like this I had issued tickets within were usually quoshed excepting the people who come after us shouting abuse about how they have the tickets up and they knew they had fall off but I should have looked right down into the vehicle / waited by the car for them to come hindmost and then threw away the penalty mind! Were not all bad, look at it this opening, you paid to park, im sure you dont want other people getting for free what you have to pay for! Source(s): two years as a traffic warden Yes you should definately appeal if you own the ticket. I would write them a letter and send them a photocopy of the ticket. If you distribute it, no doubt it would get lost! Though i would hold went to see the parking attendant at the time if you could find him cos how can you prove the ticked you paid for be in your car. They might be fine give or take a few it though, give them a ring first if you want to find out what they make of it.
course u do,photocopy both and sent them instead of payment Source(s): claim it be on the dashboard

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