Help me please, im anyone accuse of child maltreat!?

my partners ex is accusing me of hurting her son, she is saying i smacked him and pinched him and adjectives him with cigarettes, now i know i havent done these things and so does my partner but what will begin? iv got 2 daughters will they get taken away from me? im so upset that i feel sick all the time im crying my self to sleep at dark, but i just want t oknow what is going to happen. if anyone have been through a similar situation?
this happpened to my mum, if she dont have witnesses, she cant do anything, you have your partner and maby the young-looking boy for witnesess, its your word against hers. i doubt you will have your girls taken off you, dont verbs abut it, it will be fine. hope everything goes ok for you and your family xx
if theres no proof theres no problem. i can't believe how ridiculous ex's can be sometimes. good luck though, but i dont think anything would arise.
This type of behavior from spiteful ex-lovers of a new partner is fairly adjectives unfortunately. If you haven't done these things she's accused you of later she has no evidence and therefore the child trouble agency has no grounds to take your children from you, As long as you hang on to a cool, level head and do not rise to any bait she may throw out to you, you'll be fine :) There's no inevitability to stress.
Accusations in need evidence mean nothing surrounded by court. Unless she can prove that you abused the child, you will not be charge. Any court will consider her a biased witness.
Ask police for any photographs of the scars (from the cigarette burns) and any other injuries. If you did harm the child - and I believe you when you said you didn't assault him in any way - later there will be physical evidence (the scars and bruises). If in that is no evidence, then she has no armour. If it is discovered she made it all up, she can get charged near "wasting police time" and "making false accusations".

Good luck to you in court. I believe that you never assualted her child in anyway!
Firstly, this is unproven accusation. You have a right to respond via either a solicitors missive or take a section out surrounded by the local press stating that "anyone found starting and/or repeating these unfounded accusations will be pursued surrounded by the court for slander".
Go to a solicitor and he/she will be able to address the problem in a lawful sense. It may just involve a letter to this woman, to stop it and it won't cost too much.
The accuser will need proof that you did these things. You may also want to consider suing her for vilification of character. Not sure how it works in the UK, but contained by the US you can do that. It may dissuade her from pursuing her frivolous claims. Best of luck.
Social Services/Police will speak to the child supposedly burnt & slapped - & find out the truth. if you didn't do it - and i believe have zilch to worry about....and no - they will not nick your children.

however...after the investigation...i would take out an injunction or something along those lines - to stop her harrassing you. or even sue her for defamation of persona!
they probably wont get taken off you
unless their is any proof that you hold hurt her child
If the child was burnt near cigarettes he would have scars, if nearby are none then you have nought to worry about. Plus social workers are trained to get hold of information out of a child if abuse does not exist then really they cannot find it can they.
I haven't have any experience with this, but you know the phrase "innocent till proven guilty"? Well that's what you'd get. If you do achieve your kids taken away from you, you will get them back once you've be proven innocent. Hope this helps
Are the cops involved or did she call the CPA( Child Protective Service) ?

If not then you are fine

But if the CPA come to your house , they will interview your daughter .
asking them if you enjoy ever lay a hand on them before, or if they have done anything bad what were in attendance punishment. And if they said you never hit them or anything then your safe !
I be aware of the panic in you, thru this forum. If I can perceive it an angry, rejected, spiteful ex does too and will continue to zero within on you like a jackal over a dead carcass!

The first entry to do is to calm down! Only a guilty person should be troubled, nerve wracked and troubled about what "might" arise. You on the other hand should take some time to step away from the situation, accumulate your wits about you and prepare yourself to outfox the fox who is trying to make you a prey because she be jilted by your partner!

#1. Do you spend much alone time with the child in grill? If so, why? Did the relationship with your partner's ex start off righteous and deteriorate recently to bad, or be it always bad and have now become worse?

#2. What is (was) your relationship with the child? Is the child elderly enough to be considered a credible witness if called upon surrounded by a professional setting, like court? Has the child always be or ever been afraid of you, or did the child only switch on expressing fear of you after the ex started making these accusations?

3. What is your partner doing/saying in the region of these accusations? Are they supportive of your position or just blowing it rotten?

4. Read the link at the end of this article and take informed on how to conduct and protect yourself, from this point forward.

Unless the ex is a real lunatic, I wouldn't worry too much. On the other paw, your relationship with your partner deserves more serious scrutiny.

The potential for drama is always present when you enter a relationship next to preexisting children. The potential for a dangerous and harmful situation to develop is exacerbated when accusation of any kind involving the children, become part of the equation.

Your first name and reputation could be damaged almost beyond repair if the ex isn't reigned in, surrounded by very short order. If your relationship near your partner is a long-standing one, the partner needs to be expected and told if necessary, to put an closing to this immediately. A meeting between adjectives 3 adults should be arranged where your partner takes a strong, clear stance near the ex. Your partner nee needs to make it set in no uncertain vocabulary that they will not sit by idly and allow your character, first name and reputation to be slandered, without joining in to give a hand you seek legal redress.

Slander is a pretty serious prosecution and should be treated as such. If your partner is unwilling to get involved, you need to expire the relationship and look for a relationship that is healthier and more respectful of you.

Knowing the seriousness of these accusation, anyone who is willing to blow them off or deflect the problem as something of a personal problem between you and the ex, does not enjoy your back and should therefore, not be permitted to own your heart.

Rather than waste a lot of gloomy energy defending yourself and hurling accusations put a bet on and forth with the ex, use your time more wisely and lecture yourself on conducting and protecting yourself if the situation continues or escalates. (One of the things I would do is ask your partner to keep his relationships with you and the child, separate and distinct. The child deserves part time, but so do you! And if that's not at all possible, see to it that you are never alone with the child even for 1 minute; it's not worth it contained by the long run.

Final Analysis: #1). Pull yourself together and stop protesting. (Have you ever heard the saying: "the woman doth protest too much?") Except in a court of law, the truth requests no defense. #2). Do your research and lastly, #3). Put your foot down with your partner.

If you're afraid to ask your partner to step up in your defense, its because you already know that you don't own their full support. And if they're unwilling to step up on their own, its because they do not have your best interest or the best interest of the relationship, at heart.

Love and respect yourself enough to be apt to you, first! The other people in your enthusiasm are following your lead! Source(s):…

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