My boyfriend cut sour his marker 2 days earlier he go prison, will know how to obtain marker again?

My boyfriend done four months on remand in prison last year. he next came out on tag for five months and have now gone back within. the only thing is he cut his flap 2 days before he went fund inside, it was over a big arguement with his dad and his dad be basically kicking him out the house. he didnt get arrested for it, instead the family came round and put a new marker on him. he really wants to get out on sticker in october but i dont think he can very soon he cut his tag off!
what are the probability that he will be able too? if he has right behaviour inside will this increase his chances of getting it again? and because he never cut of his ticket because he wanted to but because of his dad will this help any how?
My first thought was "how many kids do you two ignorant losers have" and my question was in a jiffy answered to no surprise whatsoever. More scum producing smaller versions of themselves for my taxes to wage for.;…
What a decent guy he sounds approaching. Im guessing your hanging in within with him, waiting for the day when you will marry him, beacuse afterall, he's shifting, he wont do it again, the cops fit him up, its not his fault its his dads etc etc etc.

Fingers crossed the guy will never get released, agree to alone released on a tag that he will just cut sour again.
I doubt he will be released again on sticker as he has breached his bail conditions previously.

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