When will my conviction be spent, PLEASE HELP?

My case is a little confusing to me as I don't know when my conviction will be spent. Last year within February I was arrested for Common Assault on my girlfriend, I was granted conditional bail which essentially stated I was not to see her again until after the court case. We carried on seeing respectively other as normal and during my bail period we get into a fight again and once again I was charged near Common Assault. I was held at the police station and when I attended the magistrates court they denied me bail as I had broken my bail conditions on my previous pique and was held on remand until I was contained by court again which was around 4-5 weeks. When I attended court I was charged and given 18 months probation and ordered to complete the Community Domestic Violence Programme. A year on and I enjoy successfully completed the programme and have been on probation for hard by exactly a year. My probation officer is also going to try and get the rest of my probation period revoked as he feel I am sufficiently rehabilitated.

Will my conviction be spent after I complete my probationary period or is it longer. Please help me near this as I am unsure and wouldn't like to wrongly declare it on a duty application
It takes 7 years for time spent to be ignored from your criminal copy check in UK for job application and it remains on your transcript forever.

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