Bailiffs on their style?

A little under 2 weeks ago, my dad received a phone call from a woman who stated that bailiffs would be coming to his property to collect an amount that I owe. I no longer live beside my dad, although we have concerns that the bailiff will turn up and attempt to take his property.

The point is, I have not received ANY previous correspondence to my dad's address previously. The only debt I can suppose it is concerned with is an unpaid water bill (now paid) from a year ago from a flat I rented. But what is strange is that the marine company told me that they had no phone number on record for that tale.

Can the Bailiff turn up and attempt to retrieve good without prior correspondence to that address?

Thanks contained by advance for any help!
Naw, they are trying to bring you to pay up without the trouble of a court directive.

Absolutely not. Somebody is having fun at your expense.
No they can't, they need to prove you owe the money, they can just take things if they've already been invited within, if you don't let them in, they can't do anything.
And if it's your debt, your Dad desires to tell them what things are yours, they can't take anyone elses belongings.
Yes they can do,
If they have not previously been,
as far as im aware, if your dad let them into the house on their FIRST visit, they are free to turn up and take stuff on their SECOND stop by.

On the first visit, they will assess values of stuff within the household, once they do this, they can merely walk into the house at any time and take what they quality is worthy.

What i suggest, tell your dad to NOT let them within for their first visit, call the police if they're threatening.
For you, i'd phone the company who are down this, and tell them that they're trying the wrong household, and infact give your material address..
I had a similar experience several years ago when a cheque I cashed be not honoured by the payee's bank & bailiffs came to my parents address where on earth I used to live. My father was wise & told them I did not live near any longer & asked that when they found me, to let him know the address, as I owed him an awful lot more than they were seeking.

NEVER allow entry to your property unless they arrive next to a Court Order & the Police in tow. They have no rights of entry to your father property & should they try to intimidate him, then take their details & complain.

It is more plausible a Collections Agency calling to put the frighteners on him to get him to reveal new info something like you. The message has probably got jumbled & they own got into their spiel about possible consequences of evasion without listening to, or believing what your father have to say. With the recession, companies are pursuing debts more rigourously than ever in an challenge to reduce bad debt & better set off their books. You can get your credit record checked via Experian or Equifax on-line for lb2, to see if any debt have been registered with them. Source(s): 5 years working for a central bank in a Collections size & a lifetime dealing with debt. If you had an unpaid debt that be sold to a collections agency they would write to you, bailiffs do not make contact by phone. They will come and knock at your door if you have received spy that if you do not pay, or make an arrangement to rate then an agent will call at your house. A bailiff cannot nick items belonging to someone else. If this woman calls again ask which collections agency she works for and tell her to provide evidence of the debt she say you owe, how much it is for and who you owe the money to. Ask for her company's trading licence number and tell her you need this so that you can check whether the company she is calling from is registered near an FSA governed collections agency. She'll probably have hung up by later because this sounds dodgy to me. Tell your dad that is anyone knock on his door looking for you NOT to let them surrounded by and to make sure all window and doors are closed and locked. Also get online to credit expert and double check your credit record to be paid sure there is nothing on in attendance listed as a default that someone might come after you for. In any satchel, even if there is these people are acting outside of the ruling; they must write to you with a settlement request before sending a bailiff to your property. If you verbs to receive harassment from these people I would suggest you contact the police and recount them that you are doing so.
I judge someone is taking you for a ride. If anyone turns up at your dad's address, he should refuse to let them within - not even open the door for them, ask to see ID and if they do not let him see it, he should be on the phone to the police hurried. If this was a bailiff company, they were acting illicitly. They didn't even have the legal right to verbalize to your father about a debt that was not his. If you look up Bailiffs code of conduct on Google, near is a lot of information about the directive and bailiff behaviour.

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