Would i run to secure unit for stealing money and stock from workplace?

i live in the uk and about 3 years ago at my feeble job i stole 500 cash n took few items which be worth about 600 cost price,the employer owed me money and i asked him many times to settle me back but he didnt,anyway,few months ago i was arrested for it and have to set up a court date,,the employer asked for 3.5 grand including the cash and when i get in touch with him he said he told the police the stock be worth 3000 nt the 600 cost price,,i paid him the dif and he said he would drup charges which he did but im stil gettin done for the act,,i enjoy to go court in a month and my stupid selicitor told me 2day dat i shud plead guilty and I don`t know i get let bad with a lesser sentence but im nt guilty,he owed me the money and i took what be mine,,yes i did plan it and yes i knew wat i was doing,but he owed me alot of muni and he sack me in the previous branch that i worked for 9 months and was sack unfairly for no reason but afterwards after 2 months he caled me asked me to work in the branch where i took the money and stock when he give me a pay rise and put me in charge of the store but everytime i asked for my money he changed the subject and so i took ruling in my own hands,,wats gonna appear to me in court?

your guilty you idiot
Given your perceptible limited knowledge of the English idiom I suggest you get proper legal suggestion. If cost is a problem then contact your local Citizens Rights bureau. They can help. They are within all the phone directories or Google will find your local office.

Ian Source(s): 30 years of practical experience You have need of evidence of all money owed to you by your former employer. That will be crucial. Stick to your guns. You also need evidence of the repayment you made.
You are guilty, you merely admitted it.
You should have taken him to the small claims court to bring back back what he owed you, but instead you stole from him, which is a stupid thing to do.
Apart from anything else you should be jailed for abuse of the English jargon.

As to the actual charge. YOU ARE GUILTY. For crying out loud you have of late admitted it on here.

You cannot just appropriate the law into your own hands and not expect consequences.

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