Is the management going to start massacre foxes very soon?

After what happened to those twins. It's on the news everyday. People anyone scared to leave their kids outside because the big discouraging fox might come get them. I think some relatives just go a bit over the top sometimes. Do you conjecture if this was a working class family that it would attain as much publicity? I don't think it will.
I believe a new urban fox hunt should be introduced. Where feral youths follow the fox goaded on by their social workers.

Not unless they want protesters on their doorstep. If it was a working class nearest and dearest, they'd have most likely notice a fox in their house and not had window open when their kids were asleep.
The newsreaders other emphasize that it's a rare rate though.
Maybe I freshly don't read the news, but I'm sure I don't know what you're talking give or take a few. Animal attacks are just one of a few stories that news networks have to sensationalize once in awhile when slow news days roll around. Give it a week, nation will forget and we'll get on with our lives.
I've been arguing with the wife over this outstandingly thing, i'm an urban sophisticate she's a carrot cruncher, she apparently knows foxes better than i do. We enjoy foxes out our alleyway, you can hear them before you see them and smell them, their piss stinks worse than a tom cat. I love Mr Fox and i know they are sneaky animals but i do ask why are urban foxes coming into peoples homes now? I'm not an animal lover, a hedgehog near a hangover is something i would stamp on before it attacked me. I've seen them looking at me adjectives surly like with a sneer. But farmers do own the right to kill foxes, that's understandable looking after their livestock. Foxes are smarter than we reason, it makes no sense why a fox which naturally is a timid sneaky creature creep into a those home and try to drag out not one but two children. But then again oim wan of them yurn citti bois durnt know the wayz of aaas cuuntry folk
i dont even think the fox attacked those kids i think it be a plan to bring back fox hunting cos foxes dont normally attack humans they gain scared i doubt they would go within a house
I can't wait to see the Belgravia Hunt coursing through London's subsidise gardens. Horses dodging washing lines, paddling pools and sunbathers.. On a serious note, the current political climate will be more imagined to bring back the Hunt to reduce the population of single mothers.
Outside is not a problem. The twins were apparently bitten by a fox while inside their mother's house. The fox get in through an open door and consequently when confronted found itself trapped inside the house and that's when things started to go wrong.

The urban and country fox here in UK have never ever been classified as 'vermin'. It is perfectly endorsed to shoot a fox but it cannot be hunted with dogs.

Shooting foxes in an urban setting is extremely risky and does not 'cure' the fox problem. What happens when a fox is killed is that another fox simply take over it's territory.

Let's just look at the facts in the region of foxes, something I know quite a bit about. There are on average between 2 to 4 foxes per acre here contained by London. I do not need to explain just how gaping London is and just how many millions of foxes we're conversation about.

A cull of all the foxes surrounded by London will be an impossible task.

Most urban foxes (The London Garden fox) live for about two years. They any die of disease or else are killed below the wheels of our cars. It's a tough life individual a fox in London.

How to keep the fox pop lower than control?

People should be asked to stop leaving food out for them and the rest of us should stop throwing half eat burgers and bags of chips down on the streets of a Friday and Saturday dark thing.

The main diet for the urban fox is in actual fact garden worms. Yes, the very same worms that are eaten by copious of our garden birds, thrush family and etc.

The urban fox like his country cousin is not a hunter but is mostly nocturnal, prefering untimely and late light.

The urban fox is scared out of your wits of people and will seldom come closer than about 20 yard and will spend a lot of time checking this way and that beforehand coming out of hiding to dash across a street etc.……

I'll be totally honest about this - the urban fox is not going to dance away nor be killed off contained by some massive cull. The urban fox has many supporters, myself among them. I do not believe we should nurture the fox or encourage it in any approach, not do I believe we should start killing them either. Nature have a way of balancing things out. Just stop feed and they will soon either learn to devour something else or buzz off to somewhere else.

even foxes gotta have fun sometimes…

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