Why is an American nut commission doing more to find Bin Laden than the American command?


See the Americans don't need to send within thousands of troops they have a one man army
the american governing body knows the slimy bastard is dead.

as long as they hold on to him alive in peoples minds, they can squander hundreds of millions of dollars per year in their "time of war on terrorism".

as long as the "war" goes on, all the politicians verbs raking in the money.

contained by the best interests of the country, of course...
how is he doing more? he go to Pakistan with a gun. So what. We got thousands of troops who are at hand doing the same thing.
And exactly what strategic benefit would we get from capture or killing Bin Laden?

He's not doing more, he's just getting more publicity because he's a nut living. Any real efforts, especially done on the CIA/Spec ops side, would markedly not be on the evening news.
Most Americans in the military don't agree near the reasons they go to period of war and the specifics of the last few. What most American military do support is patriotism, and defending what they believe is freedom.

They may not other check the big world scene picture and think more isolated, but when they return home from the desert, they are changed forever.

It might not be about finding Bin Laden anymore, nonetheless Pres. Obama could really use that kind of boost to his term right going on for now. He has have some incredibly difficult things to tackle and Americans are so impatient wanting results yesterday. Hopefully these new change will be allowed to mature some before politics implodes surrounded by Washington.

The army's old slogan was "an army of one" anyway. So I don`t know nut job is just doing his civic duty.
They don't need to look for Bin Laden, that 20 million dollar bounty on his organizer is enough of an incentive for people who may know of his whereabouts to turn him surrounded by. Thats how Sadam was caught, a few dollars for information and they anticipated he would head pay for to his home town to hide out. When people are contained by trouble they either run away or run home. So where is Bin Laden immediately? i don't know but i would ask the Saudi's if they knew instead of bowing to them. If anybody knows of his whereabouts its the Saudi's.
Because Obama wants him to remain free.
What did he accomplish besides getting arrested. He is lucky he didn't find Bin Laden or we would be watching his beheading video on youtube right in a minute.

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