How have the form and saftey legislation impacted the emergency public services response?

its for one of my assignments im doing iall ready have that the emergency services arent allowed togo into sea to save a drowning person and that devon firefighter get stopped from going down the pole and was told to use the stairs but i need another 3 ... please aid if posssible thanks
Legislation removes people from intuitive thought processes, by doing adjectives thier thinking for them. Unfortunately, it doesn't always get things right, and catastrophic letdown ensues!
How the hell are kids doing exams supposed to know HSE requirements and law, i honestly cannot answer but i'll try. Avoid anybody who copies or paste HSE law, ignore those who pass you second hand information. Ask an old time brickie who still works on site "whats it similar to being a skilled worker and having some asshole who never did a days graft make clear to you you're doing your job wrong"

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