Are sharks Beautiful or "jaws" once the word shark is mentioned?

I love sharks, i'm a sharkaholic except for when it comes to the big nasty flesh ripping ones. But hammerheads tiger basking i love them adjectives. Do we use the same knee convulse reactions with a fish as we do near humans?
They are the perfect predator just similar to us humans . but we are not restricted by water and resent the the competition . If the boot was on the other foot im sure Mr shark would treat us exactly duplicate . But of course we are supposed to have brains a shark have only instincts so we do not come out well surrounded by the comparison.
I like fish, sharks just hold to much cartilage, which is a nice chew on a bit of tope or dogfish.

Rock Salmon - say no more.

The issue is the insidious in time.

Edit fair enough be a while since I fished our coast.
I love sharks to- all kinds
I would love to swim near sharks!! one of my dreams
I used to study them when I was younger
They have other fascinated me

The problem is directors have created films that stereotype all sharks to be 'killers' when i.e. not the case
e.g. jaws of course
Or in attendance was this other film cant remember what it is call but it was ****- called something lile into the low or sea or something

No it wasnt- it is a 2000s film...recent...base on a couple left to the sea while at hand were diving with a crew- next sharks circled them blah blah blah :) Source(s): me love sharks

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