Is the army for me or not?

Ok i am thinking of joining the army and here are my views.
I cant find a job anywhere and i own just left institution, also I will would like to join the army other have wanted to. But the singular thing im worried about is going away friends and family but i think i could obtain over that. Another thing is if I was sent to iraq e.c.t. how long would I procure to come home for, because if its just for a couple of weeks then how would I draw together someone then when i get to know them i would be rotten again. Please help.
the army is for anyone next to determination, dedication, and discipline! also with a GED or diploma**
from what i have be told by staff sergeants is they give u 3 weeks before,during(midway), and after deployment. You may not be sent to Iraq any! could be Afghan or Africa or anywhere like that! you will be able to hold on to in contact with your kinfolk on a daily bassist so don't worry just about that!

EDIT (a) JAKE: the military is not out of IRAQ! its just no longer a hot zone! Source(s): Army soldier US forces have pulled out of IRAQ, the target is AFGHANISTAN. You will acquire over missing your family and friends, the military is not all unpromising, there are some fun times, you'll meet current friends. You will be okay. You get 30 days leave respectively FY. After deployment you would get approx. a month home. If your talking just about "meeting someone" like a boyfriend or girlfriend, you could do that on foot, and you probably will. Don't stress about the little stuff. Have fun, its a good experience and its not adjectives bad!! You could go to south korea, germany, hawaii.Tons of places. Source(s): USMC In the Army everyone is close to your friends and family in one in that. There are many jobs within the army most of which you will not find anywhere else, it is very challenging but but rewarding too.
Don't just think of it as time of war as this wont happen until they are confident you can manage it which typically takes a couple of years. You say you hold no job now powerfully at least in the army your income is in safe hands, many stay there for plentiful years until they retire as they love it there too much. If you don't like 1 place surrounded by the army simple just apply to another till you find the right one for you.
As to your question if you touch your fit enough to take on the Army afterwards go for it as it is a opportunity not worth missing.
You have to come up with of what's most important to you. I know a lot of ancestors who are married to others who are in the army and some who have marriage overseas. It's hard but they manage it. If you want to link the army, you should pursue your dream and meet someone who supports that. Maybe you can meet someone IN the army. Good luck! Follow your dreams!
If you've always needed to,why not? The Army is a good place to learn. Yes, you will set out your family and friends for long periods, but that would be the overnight case anyway. Yes, there is the possibility of deployment, that comes along with your service. Don't verbs too much about being lonely, within fact you will find yourself longing for privacy. As far as meeting someone, unless you are entirely set on group someone from your hometown, you will find that you will meet people who will become lifelong friends, and if it's a spouse you're looking for, who know? I met my wife while we were in spoken communication school, where she be actually my supervisor. We served overseas as one of the first "husband/wife teams" in the Army, and lately celebrated our 35th anniversary with our 2 kids and 6 grandkids.
sorry to sound difficult but id say no. if your have to ask these question then its probably not for you. and man a soldier all your ever doing is saying goodbye to society so if you cant handle that than dont waste your time applying,plus next to answers like this you propb wouldnt get throught the interview anyway as nearby is no shortage of applicants anymore and they can afford to be picky. Source(s): soldier for 10 years

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