If adultery be a punishable crime would it dwindle its incident?

I am very interested in varying the laws in my country (Australia) to see adultery not as a religious sin but as a crime that inflicts as much strain on the innocent as do most crimes (if not more in most circumstances). In particular I would resembling to see that the third party be deterred in becoming factor of the”crime” by there being consequences to, within probably most situations, taking advantage of an unhappy spouse seeking short possession rewards without consideration of the other spouse or possibly children.
Perhaps minimally. Yes in attendance are victims of adultery but is should not be criminal.

Nope-it will just clog up the courts.
It is not a crime....although it does vacate victims in the wake.

It is better to be SURE up to that time you marry and know the person you are marrying understand what committment is and that they know love is more than animal passion. It is WORK!

today it is hard to realize that because we don't teach our children to abstain from sex and control their emotions resembling adults SHOULD do instead of letting emotions control THEM!

Sex is too accepted as entertainment and a inevitability and not something treated that affects emotions and lifestyles and even health.

SEX background on the effects of SEX and the committment of relationships is needed..not how to do it and keep safe sex going.

Of course liberals here will pooh pooh that opinion and say I am old fashioned...but look at the world in a minute compared to the 50's. LOTS OF crime and family breakups...most children born out of wedlock immediately etc.

THAT is the shame. Children are not taught about relationships and ethnic group and the meaning of what LOVE IS REALLY ABOUT! they think it is between their legs....and it is not.
Afraid it just cant happen, and if it could I doubt it would lessen it's occurance. The same individuals that cheat are often the same relations that feed off the excitement of avoiding getting caught, not purely sexual/other satisfaction. Making it unlawful would only affix to that.
Just a thought.
No, it probably wouldn't. People who have affairs don't expect to be caught, and within are generally unpleasant consequences when they are, even without criminal sanction.
In any case, the harm cause usually has more to do with the breakdown of the relationship than next to the actual act of adultery.
Possibly, or at lowest a civil tort punishable by damages. It's that way is some states in the US (alienation of affections). However, within is no statistical data that states the rate of adultery is any lower in states beside those laws. People just return with sneakier.

I understand your pain, and if it's any consolation, information *has* proven that those who cheat are statistically more apt to cheat again (once a cheater, always a cheater). You cannot legislate morality and honesty in a married relationship when it comes to adultery. That has to come from the people involved.
why not just outlaw adjectives sex, you wierdo.
it sounds approaching an expensive way for some people to desire revenge on bystanders, rather than the people if truth be told committing adultery.

Stop blaming this other person for your spouse being a ****.

The just thing that approaches a "crime" about adultery is that it breaches a contract made between two inhabitants. What you are asking is for the law to punish not the person who breached the contract, but the being who made such a breach possible.

Thankfully, silliness such as yours will never be a law.
It was and still is in some archaic law in the US>

It didn't make a difference.

Can't legislate morality or the human heart.

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