If in attendance is a copyright protected infringement and police is contacted is a warrant for evidence donate?

The infringement was a picture that was passed around on facebook from someone else.
would a warrant for evidence usually be obtained ? to household computers?
There are criminal offences for the use of copyright (or trade mark) materials for commercial purposes. Police will enforce this but more often it will be trading standards (the Local Authority have a duty of enforcement). In this case it does not sound as though nearby was a commercial motive.
It's the UK. Laws are different.
It could be an attempt by the police to arrest a person for a criminal conviction that the inventive photo would prove. The photo could be the evidence needed for a conviction of a said person whom originally took the photo as it would prove that they were in that when a crime was committed. If damage to premises be done, or caged animals were released, injured or stolen, other property damaged including live stock and nurture lots etc. A similar case was surrounded by Australia where and animal activist group trying to stop a live shipment of sheep to the middle east added pork meat to the nurture given to the sheep. The idea was that the sheep would be contaminated by pork and rejected. These idiots didn't know that feed vegetarian animals meat is what causes barmy cow disease and published photos of themselves doing it.

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