Why does the UK requirement nuclear guns when almost adjectives of the rest of Europe doesn't grain that they inevitability them?

I keep hearing ethnic group say that the UK needs a nuclear deterrent and if we did not hold Trident then we leave ourselves adjectives. But the rest of Europe, with the exception of France and Russia, don't have nuclear ordnance and they, without a deterrent, seem to be past the worst places to live. I can't imagine that Germans or Dutch live in distress of nuclear attack.
The Germans and Dutch don't 'need' them because the US and the UK provide for their defense.

The US pours 4.9% of GDP and rising into NATO while Europe provides 2.5% and dropping.

You may have wondered why Europe was so hurried to experiment with Universal Health Care, massive entitlement programs and nostaligia for communism?
Because they have no defense budgets. We compress that gap.

They don't need defense? These idiots can't bring through a futbol match without whipping each other half to destruction.
Without US tanks always freshly a stone's throw away they would be at each other's throats in a New York minute.
Look at Bosnia! Genocide be going on in the bright light of light of day right under their noses and the US have to come half way around the world to put an winding up to it.

These pagan losers get their peace dividend and their national health protection at our expense, make no mistake about it.

Europe have been reduced to the world's most elaborate outdoor museum. They produce NOTHING except profane discussion and they are consequently going into a depression or riots as a result of a course change. We are at the brink of vicious continental violence and possibly a world period of war.

I say the UK should seal its borders and the US should close adjectives it's military bases in Europe and consent to them have at it.

We'll strike a deal beside the last moron standing.
yea, why?
Because the Dutch have never be on the top of the pecking order and Germany has be under the thumb for so long that the idea of independent thought escapes them. They hold them because they can.
someone who said the US protects them is correct. theres a reason why the US spends more on its military than lots many many countries combined. so UK does not obligation nukes.
1. Russia is not considered to be portion of Europe or European, at least not politically

2. Look at history-- the rest of Europe doesn't feel the necessitate to invest in defense because they rely on the US & UK to protect them.

3. This is slowly changing however. Europe will eventually own to be responsible for it's own defense needs.
Why does anyone? A nuclear war is a no win scenario. Unless the activity plan is to do fast what we're accomplishing slowly. Radioactive topography is useless to everyone. Chernobyl years later is a ghost town and virtually uninhabitable.

On the bright side nil like a dead planet to put an come to an end to petty squabbles. get a telescope and take a sneak a look at Mars, add an atmosphere and some water near no life forms. That pretty much sums it up.
The United Kingdom needs nuclear weapons so we can protect are selves own you ever heard of the saying "better out of danger than sorry" well that’s the case near us and nuclear weapons, when rouge states like north Korea and eventually Iran hold nuclear weapons we need to be capable of hold are own in times of great need surrounded by case of an attack on are country.

We also will be able to deter and safeguard are selves against any country stupid enough to take us on, we could bomb them support to the Stone Age.

The fact is that we need nuclear missiles to signify that the United Kingdom is out there and we wont be compromise are security when push comes to shove.
Did you just say Russia have no nukes ? OMG

Russia is the worlds second nuclear power next to the USA.

i surgest you read up on the Coldwar it was a nuclear arms Race.

The Uk hold nukes because we fear Terrorist may have nukes.. we Fear places close to IRAN attacking us, North korea etc etc anybody that wants to destory the west.

We use trident in the falklands period of war, 1982 it killed 600 argentin's on a boat that were creaping up bringing up the rear 4 british Ships the aregentine only had to destory one of them.

Trident prevented that. thats why we BLOODY NEED IT.

countries in a minute think twice about attacking a nation when that nation they be attacking have nuclear weopens.
All these people going on about defense .... what are you chitchat about? ... defence from what exactly? The bogeyman??

What's the point of have nuclear weapons if you're not going to use them? Do they stop wars? No. Do they stop race getting killed? No. Do we ever threaten to use them? No. If nuclear weapons are so upsetting, couldn't we just have threatened Saddam Hussain near them and he would have immediately moved out Kuwait? No. What's the point of having them??

Forsome insane reason we a moment ago like giving barrow loads of Trident money to the good older US of A instead of spending it on hospitals and schools. I'm hoping the Condems do something about this. They could win me over a bit if they did this.

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