"Innocent Lib Dem angels forced to work next to evil tory monsters"!Will this slogan sustain the Lib Dems?

Will this interpretation of events help the Lib Dem's at the next General Election?Will population buy it?
I suppose that they are going to have to try any trick within the book and all that will be left for them to do to set free themselves it try an make out that they the Tories tricked them.
No, the Lib Dems are there to engender sure that the Tories are not held to ransom by their more right wing members.
No because they chose to work with the Tories.
I believe people will only see a choice of two party at the next election, The Tories or Labour. Clegg have shown his party to be no better than whores who will sleep with anyone. For adjectives those that say they are keeping the Tories in check, what a nouns of cobblers. The plans announced so far and the predicted budget will hit the poorest among us far worse than anyone else. What happened to going after the tax evaders who cost this country 100 billion pounds a year within lost revenue? The Tories policies have always be to go after the weakest in our society, and in a minute the Libdumbs are helping them. Cameron is going to ensure the troops in Afghanistan get doesn`t matter what equipment is needed, this will be paid for by a cut of 25% of our armed forces. There is a prediction of around 700,000 people individual put out of work in the next few years, near no plans to create jobs. The Tories are hoping that the private sector will grow, but in truth their is no evidence that it will. The knock on effect is more money individual paid out by the state, less stock being bought as more people are unwaged, this will mean more businesses closing and yet more laying-off. You can expect crime to soar as this is indicative of high unemployment, and in attendance will be less police to deal beside it. You can also expect plenty of civil unrest and strikes. Welcome to the Condem nation.
No but I don't think they'll war like this
Where did this 'slogan' come from?
It may well turn out that the soporific effects of the presence of the Lib Dems on the nihilistic, nepotistic, cruel, Swiss bank account holding Tories, will be the liberator of the party, and a basis for further advancement?

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