Do you reason Obama will turn his abhor for BP on the British public as economically?

I think a man of his intellect is capable of putting the squeeze on BP lacking losing his perspective. Also bear in mind BP is a publicly owned (Public fixed Company ) multi-national.
It is a private company it has more american shares it's parent company is America.. in other words it have nothing to do with the British public.. how have it any ties to the British citizens at all ?

how bizzare ?

UK citizens will refuse to payment anything through tax for a company that is PRIVATE and made its own mistake it is BP explicitly fully liable not the British public at all it's not even goverment controlled so Obama deals next to BP officials not the UK.
Remember BP is no longer British Petroleum, its a multi nation company,
so if bullsh-te Barack wants to throw his bottle out of his pram, it wont be only Britain on the mat.
I suppose if we’re paying the hitman, collateral damage is to be expected every now and next.
We’re the ones to blame, that is if you use oil or plastic.
They (BP) basically carry out our orders.
Who's to blame?
The US junkie or the British buyer?

Charles, what time do the nukes arrive?
There does seem to be an outbreak of American anti-British sentiment, (never entirely dormant), over the oil spill, conveniently forgetting that the people responsible for running the US operation were Americans, as were the sub-contracted companies. If Tony Hayward the BP Chief Executive is shoddier he might be at handling the US media and his tendency to understatement is a classic British error within the US where you are meant to emote at the least possible provocation, then he is only making alike error as Obama, who has also tried to be cool, calm and collected individual to be accused of doing nothing.
Considering that BP have been running oil well in the difficult waters of the North Sea for over 25 years without any similar incident probably the Americans should look closer to home when allocating blame. There certainly seems to be a cavity between Hayward's public statements before the accident on putting safekeeping first and the behaviour of BP lobbyists and management within the US.
No, and I don't think he hates BP, any.

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