UK Only: Which Legal Act outlines the requisites of parent's rights and responsibilties to their children?

This would be the basics, such as once you have a child, what right do you own to call it 'yours' and look after it? I know natural directive might assume that it is yours, but is this written down anywhere in an Act? Are there any instructions just about what you must do for your child? Also, what control do you have over your child and how you bring it up? (Interested in controversial influence such as strange religious practises etc). There appear to be hundreds of 'Child' Acts, but I'm not sure which ones are key. Thanks so much!
The Children Act 1989 is the most important piece of legislation.…

This covers, amongst other things:

- the notion of Parental Responsibility - what it mode, who gets it;
- how parents can apply to see their child or look after their child, and the principles that will be applied
- gives powers to local authorities and the police to intervene to protect children
- regulates foster kind, and some organisations that look after children

Many of the other Acts since have only amended this one, so an up to date text should contain most of what you need.…
I can't quote the appropriate Acts currently in force but the bottom smudge for both parents is that they are equally responsible for the well being and safekeeping of the child.

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