Why do the USA and UK work so very well together?

They may appear to on the surface, but specifically because we are both controlled by global capitalists. In realness, many British people disagree strongly near American Foreign policy and the American way of life.
Because we're buddies. (Or supposed to be)
Where on earth did you receive that idea??

The only APPEAR to work together because both their 'governments' are on the payroll of the Zionists (AIPAC etc).
lol well currently I'm waiting to hear more about the UK requiring ethnic group migrating to know how to proficiently be able to speak the English language. If you really ask me they're making sure that Mexicans don't wish to move over to the UK illegally like they enjoy been doing here.

Way to go UK. Make them stay int descendant own country.
Speaking equal language probably has something to do beside it.
1) Common Language

2) To an extent a adjectives history dating to before USA was colonised

3) Allies surrounded by two World Wars

4) Both are economic powers, USA more so than UK, but still they are First as opposed to Third World

5) Other financial ties - both are markets for each other's stock

6) Working together in NATO

7) Working together in Iraq and Afghanistan - UK maintain support for USA foreign policy as other European and World support ebbed away.

8) Political leaders finding common ground on tons issues

9) Common cultural and sporting links - music / fashion / athletics/ television / films
If Obama keeps kicking the s*** out of BP that might change! American companies hold either made mistakes or suffered accidents surrounded by the past but I can't remember a British Prime Minister acting like Obama is. It might be an model to consider redeploying our troops from Afghanistan to the UK, perhaps Obama would close to to pick up the slack.
L is correct - nearby is a real anti US backlash going on over here at the moment. It's time we cut ties with US, we own nothing GOOD in adjectives with them at all. And they don't speak English - they speak American English next to an awful twang! Source(s): Europe forever necessity
Similar culture and politics, i think.

Britain is like the infirm, wise parent that knows how to control its loud, unruly American son.
A shared language, culture and history probably goes a long channel to helping. Shared allies and enemies probably has something to do beside it, to.
Do you mean like BO and BP?
Because the British politicians are short-sighted, selfish cowards!
The US and the UK have very little surrounded by common. Anyone who says differently hasn't lived surrounded by both countries.
They actually do not work so well together. The UK tolerates the US.
Whenever the US asks for assist, the UK is there to give it. But if the UK asks for assist, the US says no.
Culturally speaking, the 2 countries couldn't be further apart.
The British speak English, whereas Americans speak a mongoloid version of English..BADLY!
The 2 economy are not dependent upon one another.
As for being allies. The US charged the UK for it's help and supplies. Of which the UK freshly made the last payment this yr, from WW2.

I could travel on an on.

because UK is so close to the russians that we would be capable of strike them easily!

whats funny is so many citizens in europe hate the US and sermon **** but remember whose the big boy on the block...remember hes the one who steals your bike and when hes riding away on it you start talkin ****


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